Miniwhat now?

If you’re not aware of Minirigs - some of the best mobile speakers on the planet then, frankly, you’re missing out.

Like us, they have their roots in Bristol. They make all their speakers in-house, they use top quality components and are a veritable force for good on the Bristol music scene.

They’re also a ruddy nice bunch of people and back in 2017 they kindly created four limited edition Mongol Rally engraved Minirigs so that we could literally bring sweet music to your ears.

Three of them were awarded to teams last year, and now, the one remaining one (that Mr Kevin was hoping to steal) has resurfaced from his underwear drawer and we’re offering it to you.

Here’s a photo of it. What you can’t tell from here is that it still smells of Mr Kevin’s pants.

minirig (1).jpg

Holy shit, I want one of those

Of course you do, they’re excellent, and they’re the perfect accessory for any road trip.

We’re not just going to award it willy-nilly, though we won’t make it too hard for you either. All you need to do is submit your best photo(s) from your Rally to us via the competition we’ve just set up on the main Mongol Rally Facebook page. If Instagram is more your thing then look out for it there too.

The best Mongol Rally photograph submitted will nab the speaker. The competition will close on Friday 7th December, so you’d better get a wriggle on. We’ll then do a gallery of our favourites.

If you’re from the bronze age and don’t use social media then you can email us some photos at: Be sure to include your name and team name so we know who you are. If your photos are large or if you’re sending us lots then use our WeTransfer channel.

Here’s some pro-tips:

  • A photo with a Rally vehicle in it is almost definitely going to win

  • Photos smothered with loads of filters make us do a bit of sick in our mouths

  • Ideally they should be unedited and the highest quality version you have

If you need some inspiration as to what we think of as a decent photo, then check out these puppies below…

If that’s not enough inspiration then check out the Mongol Rally gallery on Flickr - HERE.

That’s it for now. You can submit as many pictures as you like and the winner will be chosen by us.

Two runner-ups will win a goodie-bag of Adventurists swag (basically a load of crap from our warehouse that we don’t know what to do with). If you’re not happy with our choice of winner, then tough shit, our decision is final.

Here’s the link to the Facebook Page again. Get posting:

Best of luck.

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