Cozy and Hugh, Team Old Man Hughy and the Blizzard of Coz

About Cozy

27 years old, Australian.

Campbell 'Cozy' Costello is Queensland-born, Melbourne-and-world-based vet who can fly a plane, dart a rhino, perform a C-section on a cow with a Leatherman and some baler twine, then don a sharp suit and pocket square and snap knicker elastic at 100 paces. Tweets @Vet_Wings

Adventure creds include completing the 2012 Mongol Derby, trekking Afghanistan's Wakkan corridor in 2013, and travelling independently to the Tsaatan reindeer herders of northern Mongolia in 2014.  He has grown up (still a work in progress) herding cattle and working on his family's farm on bikes and quads as well as horses, and prowled the mean streets of Melbourne on a dirt bike during his university years.

Highly likely to tackle the Ice Run in furs, and those cavalry boots.

About Hugh

33 years old, American, based in Los Angeles

Hugh Cummings is a Michigan (cold place)-born adventure junkie who works as a production designer in film and TV when he is not mountaineering, cross-country skiing, spear-fishing, wrestling with bears or flying an open cock-pit plane over the Caribbean at 100 feet.  

He lived in Hawaii for four years and produced guide books of its islands, he toured solo across the states on his motorcycle, and at some point he worked on Pirates of the Caribbean.  

Highly likely to capture the best GoPro footage of all the Ice Runners.

Hugh on Hugh: "Safety Third"

Hugh on Cozy: "You had me at "preg test a cow""