Bihar Bandit Country aint that Bad

Bihar - here be bandits

Bihar in Northeast India has a reputation for being a bit unsafe. One of the oldest inhabited places in the world it has a reputation for being a bit bandit heavy. The problem with bandits is they're always getting a bad deal. Most of the time all they really want is a hug, or someone to tell them they look nice today.

Travis, Tom, John & Rob from the  September Run have a story to tell of the welcome they got in Bihar, showing it's not all bad. I'll leave it to Travis to explain what went down.

"After a reasonable run through Bihar, we pulled into a petrol station near Mokama for a small man-wash and some fuel. We chatted with two local lads who were extremely friendly - offering cigarettes and intent on getting photos with us - before we jumped in the tuks with a mind to head on our merry way.

Of course, we would have gone peacefully had Tom and John not noticed that their GoPro and i-phone had gone walkabout, and soon enough we had the whole village in the car-park, yelling and looking for clues.

The local elders were intent on weeding out the thieves. Turns out it was in fact the two friendly lads who had taken the goods and left; only to return to the scene of the crime on their motorbike and - wait for it - got their photos taken in a state of jubilation and expectant success on Rob's phone.

Be aware of these men. Mostly because it's rude to point

Sorry lads, but that is not how you progress in the big league of crime. Armed police came in an even better armed 4WD and one of the lads was dragged into the cop shop, claiming innocence.

The impressively moustachioed police chief left, saying: "This is not good for Bihar or for our town". He then roared back into the car park with the recovered goods raised high; after finding them under suspect number one's bed.

A deafening cheer went up as the second suspect was dragged out. His fate was sealed, having been betrayed by his mum. I believe the dumb thief was not formally charged. He was instead given a hearty cup of chai and a strong pat on the head, ribs and kidneys from at least thirty cops and townsfolk, and left to hang his head in disgrace..."

Next time Travis & the boys stopped, they employed this dude as an armed guard. Between his bow and arrow and flock of attack ducks, he ensured there was no further robberies in Bihar.

Now that's what I call an armed guard

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