Bandits on Ice

The Bandits On Ice will amply fill two bikes.  Here is the line-up from the Northern Territories.
They Tweet, Facebook, and even have a website

Bike 1: Naviguru Travis and El Bow

About Travis

38 years old, Australian. Businessman, curry-master, hilarious

Naviguru Travis spent years navigating the Seven Seas before he packed his sea legs into a rucksack for some widespread land travel, armed with camera and reckless abandon. His beard once starred in an opera and he was self awarded the title of best bottle shop attendant in the world. He likes sunflowers.

The former government communications director conquered the Mongolian Death Worm in the 2012 Mongol Rally as the Steel Mongolias, and bounced with the Bandita in the September 2013 Rickshaw Run. Talks to animals. Nobody really understands how.

About El Bow

25 years old, Australian.  Journalist, book thief and yoga nut.

Ellie reports on crime in the Northern Territory and likes crocodile-wrangling adventures.

She hit the sands in Afghanistan covering the troops on the ground and won an award for reporting on ice. The drug kind.

She bumped across northern India in the September 2013 Rickshaw Run as half of the magnificent Baksheesh Bandits, hitch hiked and trekked Macedonia, and will soon scale a peak or two in Nepal in preparation for one excellent adventure.

The Ice Run seemed the most sensible way to celebrate a Learner's motorcycle permit. She has never been to the snow.


Bike 2: Dave Fry and Pete Dawes


About Dave

32 years old, Australian.  

Queensland-born Dave is from the small town of Kingaroy, home to the largest peanut silos in the Southern hemisphere. He spent his formative years breaking and then un-breaking go-karts and motorcycles, and later his family's collection of race cars.  He is now an aircraft mechanic by trade and serial petrol head as well as wanderlust sufferer.  

He did the 2012 Mongol Rally in a vintage fire truck, "6 tonnes of 1962 Dodge W300 steel, found resting peacefully in a Paddock in Norway".

His email footer reads "Asset Manager".  Don't be fooled by that though, they are assets with engines. 


About Pete

35 years old, Australian

Pete didn't have much to say for himself but does appear to be the handsome one.  

Here's Travis on Pete: "Some say Pete is actually part motorcycle, a perfectly balanced machine that runs well on any brand of oil. He is also the really, really good looking one that we will barter with should we require extra parts or a reindeer hide on which to sleep. Pete has only just been made aware that we are headed to Siberia."