Award - Most Melodramatic Update of the Rally

We've just spotted this gem on a team's blog.

Their engine now

"It was at his garage where he delivered the devastating news, the words any man/woman does not want to hear... There is a problem with your head-gasket. This is up there with the worst things that could happen to the car, the words which appear in our nightmares."

One of three things is happening here: the team are being overdramatic, the mechanic is taking them for a ride, or they genuinely just don't realise what they're saying.

As any good Rover owner can tell you, there's only one thing you can do with a broken head gasket, and that's to replace it.

For those that don't know, here's the mammoth, complicated and expensive beast that is such a head gasket:

 This is only about 40cm wide

This is only about 40cm wide

It's basically just an o-ring on steriods. Replacing one takes about half an hour, and they can be improvised if necessary.