Scott and Eric, Team Amirikan Boyz

About Scott

38 years old, American (Thailand-based)

Scott BKK is many things: a global explorer, gadget guru, decent human, passionate foodie, economist, anthropologist, passport collector, talented photographer, and former Russian prisoner. Call him what you may, but Scott isn’t one for titles.

He’s got a knack for languages (including Russian) and loves connecting to folks from all walks of life. A true explorer at heart, his extensive travels (and itchy feet) have taken him to nearly half the world’s countries. Despite this, he has yet to get his fill of Russian winters. Based in Thailand for a few years now, he's looking forward to another stint in Siberia.

Adventuring creds:

Rickshaw Run India 2011

ShoeBaru/African Rally 2012 (Scott and team-mates did the Africa Rally independently of The Adventurists when we were forced to pull the adventure due to Foreign Office stern-ness). 

Bajai/Becak Rally Indonesia 2013... (This was the final nail in the coffin of the Bajai Rally, The Rickshaw Run's junglier and ultimately impossiblier emo-goth cousin - two teams actually finished)

About Eric

52 years old, American, based in Chicago

Eric Krause is basically Adventurists Royalty. He first came to the attention of the Adventurists in 2009 when with less than a fortnight's notice he popped across the pond to head up the contingent of traffic marshals in Barcelona for the 2009 Mongol Rally launch. Upon doing this he secured a team spot in the 2010 Rally and a future as a serial adventurist, chronically doing one (awesomely) stupid thing after another across the globe.  Namely:

2010 Mongol Rally

2011 Mototaxi Junket.  This Junket was later coined the Mechanics Tour of Peru and Eric arrived in Piura three days after the last teams had flown home. Kudos

2012 Ice Run Pioneers Edition.  Oh yes, this is not Eric's first foray into the Black Ops department of The Adventurists.  He rode solo from Irbit to the Arctic on a vintage Ural and was famously rescued by a Russian tank after skidding off the road. More kudos

2013 Mongol Rally (Team Dixie Chickens).  Eric co-piloted the first school bus to circumnavigate the globe on its Mongol Rally journey.  He'll pick up the bus again on the Pan Am highway from Alaska to Patagonia later this year.

Eric has a Ural of his own back home in Chicago, so enthused was he by their incredible build quality and ability to raise a chuckle from the general public as they roar past. This is sure to make him everyone's favourite convoy-partner.