The Ice Run 2018. Pick A Team And Track ‘Em

The Ice Run 2018 got underway today (Tuesday 13th March) with the teams firing up their Urals and heading out onto the open.....lake. The class of 2018 will join a long list of legends who have battled the ice all in the name of adventure.

The ball shriveling, teeth chattering, butt-numbing route will take them across Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world which at this time of year at least, is, for the most part, frozen over. They’ll discover ruts, bumps, and cracks, obstacles that will make the entire experience more challenging than they could ever imagine. They’ll also be sleeping out on the ice, a mattress type that I’m pretty sure they don’t sell in Bensons for Beds.

But it’s not all fun and games, oh no. In fact, very little fun will be had at all, but we haven’t told them that yet. The teams have also been raising cash for charity, a whopping £1000 per team, £500 of which will go to our official charity Cool Earth, the name of which has never seemed so appropriate.  

So then, who are these idiots...I mean, brave adventurists taking on this monumental challenge? Let’s meet some of them, shall we? Oh, and you can track their progress HERE.