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Pie Wars: The 2016 Cool Earth Draw

Pie Wars: The 2016 Cool Earth Draw

Here's how Cool Earth picked the winner of the 2016 competition. Every year, an Adventurist team wins a trip to Peru to see where their cash has been spent. And what better way to decide than with pie. 

Mongol Rally supporting Cool Earth - Another Year

We may be mourning the loss of the rally for another year but we’ve got a reason to celebrate in your remarkable fundraising efforts for CoolEarth. You have done a phenomenal job at raising those pounds and saving rainforest, and we applaud you. To date the Mongol Rally 2016 has raised an astounding £83,299.64 and donations are still coming in. It will make a huge difference to Cool Earth’s Asháninka rainforest partners. Thank you. 

You should know by now that every team that raises £1,000 or more for Cool Earth goes into a draw to win a trip of a lifetime to Cool Earth’s Asháninka partnership in the Peruvian rainforest. Team Nomad won last year. Here’s what happened on their trip:


Don’t get your knickers in a twist, you still have plenty of time to get your pennies over to our friends at Cool Earth. 

The draw won’t take place until January 2017, when donations will be counted and the winning team revealed in quite frankly a shitter version of Debbie Mcgee revealing something shit for Paul Daniels. But for now, it’s a good moment to re-introduce a little healthy competition. Below is a list of teams that have sailed past the £1,000 mark and are already firmly in the draw. Give yourselves a pat on the back, and start stock piling the Dioralyte: you could be going to the rainforest.

1,000 Club

King Kaeschpi and Mongos (£2,670) 

Giles Ross (£1,905)

The Donatellos (£1,544) 

Rub-a-Dub-Dub Three Men in a Tub (£1,455)

BCDC (£1,450)

Free the Dingo! (£1,305.77)

Wacky Racers (£1,299)

Monocled Mongols (£1,283)

White Knight (£1,255)

Stefan Hellfritzsch (£1,250)

Slippery Gypsies (£1,227) 

The Yes Men (£1,220)

The Tim and Sam Band (£1,197)

Brooklyn Tossers (£1,193) 

Shubham Kapoor (£1,185)

The Golden Horde (£1,132) 

Are we nearly where yet? (£1,089)

Cheeseboys (£1,080)

The Truants (£1,050) 

Eat Pasta, Go Fasta (£1,020) 

Mongtini Racing (£1,005)

Close but no cigar

Zack & Pony 2016 (£976)

Ulaan-Bouldar (£970)

Team No Engine-ere’s (£970)

Yakalicious (£891.75) 

Victoria Smith (£810.91) 

You teams are so close to reaching the £1,000 target it hurts. Do whatever it takes to get in that draw.  

For those of you that feel like you’re a long way from reaching that goal, keep on chugging. We’ve seen remarkable fundraising happen in a matter of days so it isn’t too late. But most of all, have a bleeding good time doing it. The best fundraisers are risk takers with the tenacity to match, something Adventurists have buckets of.  

See you soon Adventurists.  

Pip, pip.  

For competition terms and conditions go here