Rickshaw Run Jan'14 - The Story So Far

The Rickshaw Run has been on the road for just over a week now. The teams are making good progress south; many making the ubiquitous stop off at Goa for some, much needed Rest and Recouperation after some hard hours on the road.

These are the highlights of their progress so far:

Rickshaw Rangers arrive in Pune

Road accident, explosion, diverted, driving on the no rickshaw expressway, playing dumb when we got caught, getting digits on the highway...just a few events of the day. 300k to Goa tomorrow.
— Kickin' it Sari Style - 08/01/14
Stopped for a loo break, return to find Lucy surrounded by strange men trying to hold her hand. they jump on a moped and follow us to the next village where they pull us over+ much confusion ensues. bono got into a fight abt th price of fruit + we swiftly make our escape
— Return of the Wallys - 06/01/14
This glorious day started off with loss of all electrics. No horn in Mumbai was like running out of toilet paper after a sloppy poo. It was messy.
— Goin' Bananas - 05/01/14
We’re getting the hang of the many nuanced meanings of vehicle horns - ‘mind your back’, ‘coming through’, ‘I’m not stopping for anybody’, ‘please smile while I take a photo of you’ (generally from from the fast lane of a dual carriageway with a massive lorry bearing down on you - from both directions while a cow crosses in fromt of you and a motorcyclist undertakes you while chatting on his mobile phone...)

Still, we were told by a policeman yesterday that we ‘were as Gods in Gujurat’ - cool!
— Dippy Hippy Bang Bang - 04/01/14

Mechanical woes for team Dippy Hippy Bang Bang

Got stuck going down the wrong way on a one way road. Cops pulled us over but only wanted a photo with us then escorted us the right way out of town.
— The Poppadominators - 03/01/14
All those years of playing MarioKart have finally paid off.
— The Chronicals Of NAANia - 03/01/14
From the safety of our relatively nice hotel room I’m delighted to report Ian nearly ran over a goat, Ian hit a parked motorbike, Ian hit a truck, Ian hit a concrete bollard and Ian nearly hit a police car. I am driving tomorrow morning and feeling slightly apprehensive. A bottle of Kingfisher Strong has helped greatly, coming in at a whopping 8% abv. Goodnight! x
— Gin in Teacups - 01/01/14

You can follow the rest of the updates on the tracking page or using the hashtag #RickshawRun

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