Mongol Derby sponsors Prometheus Medics Race Diary – Day 4


Written by Prometheus Medical’s Mongol Derby team on 7th August 2013

Medic 1 is back in the game!
A good night’s sleep and Chris is fighting fit and back to zipping around the steppe in the Medic 1 Land Cruiser. Having rendezvoused at Urtu 6, Deb and Chris parted ways again, with Chris heading up to Urtu 8 via Harhorin, Mongolia’s second city, and the capital when Genghis Khan was in power, controlling an empire that stretched across the continent of Asia.

Given it’s auspicious beginnings, Harhorin itself is surprisingly small, about the size of a small-market town, Having refueled and replenished at Harhorin , Chris received a call for assistance via HQ from our youngest rider, James Johnston (JJ). Medic 1 raced to JJ’s location, to find a disgruntled young man missing his Mongolian steed – thankfully, other than a few minor lumps & bumps where he had tried to wrestle himself back onto the feisty little beast, he was entirely intact from a physical point of view.

Losing his horse meant that JJ had lost his saddle & saddle pack, but he was only a few kilometres away from the next Urtu, so he jumped in with Medic 1, accepted a time-penalty, and pressed on using a traditional wooden Mongolian saddle. Brave man.

Hopefully his lost horse will be recovered by local herders, and his saddle and saddle-pack will catch up with him at some point. Medic 1 was then called up to see a rider who had arrived at Urtu 8, but was completely exhausted, having been unable to eat or drink without vomiting since the previous evening. Having assessed the rider, Chris promptly set up some IV fluids, gave some IV anti-emetics, and assured the rider from his personal experience the previous day that he would most likely make a complete recovery within 24 hours.

Within a couple of  hours the casualty was tolerating oral rehydration solution, and was looking considerably better. He decided to push on to the next Urtu that evening, and catch up with the group he had been riding with. Another brave man! The evening finds us heading off to Urtu 9 where there is a lake which provides an opportunity for a spot of bathing to remove the dirt accumulated over the past 5 days!

You can follow the Prometheus Medics as they look after the Mongol Derby riders on Twitter – @PrometheusMed