The Ultimate Mongol Rally Car

We posed the question If you could drive to Mongolia in any vehicle what would it be? to Mongol Rally veterans, current and future rallers and all the other folks we know. This was a question guaranteed to evoke some pretty strong feelings and the results were a broad spectrum from the sublime to the ridiculous.

The Sublime

The Rally veterans at Adventurist towers were seen to nod sagely in apreciation of some excellent suggestions; cars such as the Axiom 500, the Peel P50 and the mighty BMW Isetta. From the stable of previous Rally cars the heroic Reliant Robin and Smart Four Two earned 10 votes, and the legendary Fiat 126 garnered 9 votes of its own. For everyone out there who voted for one of these, or who perhaps drove one to Ulaanbaatar, a tip of the virtual hat to you.

The Ridiculous

Forty massive wusses out there voted for Landrovers and another 10 voted for other 4x4s a few even had the audacity to suggest a challenger tank. It's been scientifically proven that 98% of Landrover drivers still wet the bed, are frightened of clowns and have either never had a girlfriend or frequently pay for sex. In our introduction to this survey we suggested the Daihatsu Terios with a warning of our distaste for such vehicles. Our warning was not heeded and some invertibrates crawled out of the woodwork to vote for such boring vehicles. To any of you out there - you are a disgrace to your gene-pool.

The Bus

96 of you voted for a bus, which makes me think that either you've got way too much stuff you want to bring or you're just fans of this monstrosity:


I honestly don't know which is worse.

The Favourite

The Fiat Panda; few Rally cars ignite such passion as this little Italian wunderkind and one has just smashed the 40 year-old London to Cape Town record, albeit a 3rd generation model. We waxed lyrical about the virtues of this powerhouse of a vehicle back in the summer and it's obvious I'm not the only one who harbours such passion; here are what a couple of Panda advocates have to say about the mean machine:

"Is obvious! Panda! Nothing more to say..." - Diego Pagnoncelli

"Panda. Stupid, tiny, slow, unreliable, characterful and awesome" - Nick 'The Doddfather' Dodd

Fiat Panda you are a legend and we salute you. But you're not the greatest.

The Ultimate Mongol Rally Car

A Fiat Panda is a great car but it's just too reliable to be the greatest, for that honour there can be only one. After 93 suggestions, 100 comment and 667 votes one thing is abundantly clear: I've written this blog so I think I can probably hijack the final vote. The greatest Mongol Rally car is; the ubiquitous Fiat 126, the king of all Mongol Rally cars, the first, the smallest and still the best.