Mongol Derby LEADERBOARD: Day 3 – Tuesday 7th August

Today’s leaderboard shows the pack spread out over 5 horse stations, meaning the first and last rider are now around 200 kilometres apart. Devan Horn is still out in front but a chasing pack of four are closing in and reducing her lead.

Those interested in the history of the race may know that the Mongol Derby has never been won by a female rider, but  the top 6 leaderboard positions are currently all held by female riders. Here are the race positions at the end of the third day of racing across the steppe.

 Leader Devan Horn at horse station 7, 6th Aug 2013

Leader Devan Horn at horse station 7, 6th Aug 2013

Note: Positions of riders listed in the same location are not in order of who arrived at that location first.

Between Horse Stations 9 and 10

1. Devan Horn

6km short of Horse Station 9

2. Chloe Phillips-Harris

3. Clare Twemlow

4. Lara Prior-Palmer

5. Kirsten Melis

Horse Station 8

6. Georgina Johnston

Horse Station 7 (15 riders)

7. Shelley Bates

8. Tamara Hudleston

9. Paddy Woods

10. Barbara Seele

11. Todd Cranney

12. Inge Rall-Behm

13. Hannah Bronwin

14. Natacha Lazareff

15. Mondi Kanyana

16. Ivo Marloh

17. Tom Burk

18. James Johnston

19. Alex Embiricos

20. Dylan Delahunt

21. Anthony Ward Thomas

Between Horse Station 6 & 7

22. Lynne Gilbert

23. Sandra Fretelliere

24. Catriona Paterson

Horse Station 6

25. Alison Wilson

Horse Station 5

26. Lynne Hamilton

27. Adam Pearlman

28. Katie Vincent

Retired from the race

- Mattias Lochthofen

- Lydia Wood