Warning Rickshaw Run parties may be hazardous to your sanity

Will the memories of their recent adventure stay with them until the very end of their time on this fine planet? Yes. Have their bodies recovered from two weeks of brutal pummelling? Maybe. Are their heads still ever so slightly hazy from the finish line party? Definitely.

The finish line party for the Rickshaw Run January 2013 began with a sunset cruise over to the party venue – Bolgatty Island, upon which sits an old Dutch Palace – like a proud elderly gentleman, waiting to have its lap bounced upon by some drunken Runners. 

Spirits were high, and rightly so. Runners lurched off the boat straight to the bar. Many of them possessed a good inch of pollution and dust in their throats and lungs – so it was only to be expected. The venue was lit up like a Christmas tree on hallucinogens, and suitable gasps of “Oooh” and “Ahhh” reverberated around the lawn.

The traditional banquet then began, and was suitably mauled rather quickly.

Next up – a traditional Kalaripayattu martial arts display, which you could say was some guys in nappies prancing about. You wouldn’t say this to their faces though – as their prancing involves rigourous training, deep tradition, fire and massive knives, swords and spears. It’s fair to say the Runners were suitably impressed.

Now, some people participate in Run with some added finesse – and to these hardy, brave or plain foolish folk we present the coveted golden rickshaw awards. This time around award categories ranged from honourable to ludicrous. As Runner after Runner came up to receive their various awards the cheers and claps got more raucous. Highlights included:

‘Tuk Tuk Goose’ – who took home a golden rickshaw and the all-important Golden Tap from Frank Water for raising thousands of pounds for the designated charity.

‘Little Tipsy’ – team least likely to make it.

'Where the Tuk is the Party’ – best pimping…gold and silver rickshaws complete with matching outfits, wheel spinners, tinsel, disco balls – you name it, they had it.

‘Goa’s Ark’ – best fancy dress (Ned Speed looked a picture dressed as Mother Teresa).

‘Slightly Confused’ – Rickshaw Love award, for getting engaged on the trip.

'Are you Tukking to Me' - Horny okay please award, and the first ever acceptance speech made purely via bugle.

And ‘Triple Threat’ – who drove the whole way with a completely mangled rickshaw after an impressive (and luckily completely unscathed physically) accident on day three. 

Once all the ‘serious’ stuff was out of the way it was time for Runners to hurl themselves onto the dancefloor and make some shapes. Admittedly some of the shapes were fairly unusual – and some of them just plain embarrassing, but bless them, they were having fun. The lawn became soggy with the sweat of a hundred Runners leaping around enthusiastically to the DJ’s shit music. What’s that? We’ve drank the bar dry of beer? Sod it then…let’s have some bottles of wine…uh oh…

Broken chairs, broken teeth, bedraggled but exuberant Runners in various states

One passed out on the lawn, one in an ice bucket, and even one asleep in a tree – the sign of any good party. The devastation left behind was a thing of horrific beauty. I’m surprised the manager never charged us for all the broken chairs. To be fair I think he was just pleased to see the boat leaving.

Once back on dry land, and having thoroughly annoyed the boat owner (apparently another chorus of ‘Hey Jude’ just didn’t cut the mustard in the way of an apology), it was time to wake up the only people in town who may well serve the teams beers to consume…so we did…and they did…and then they did…and then…who knows…

Rickshaw Run parties...probably soon to carry a government warning.

For more evidence of the finish party's mayhem, check out the album on the Book of Face.