Mototaxi Junket: Wide Angle

The Mototaxi Junket takes in a little mountain range they call The Andes. Apparently it's the longest mountain range and with the roads cut into the mountains at about 4000 metres at times it is reasonably high too. Someone with no imagination might tell you that a 125cc mototaxi is not the best vehicle to cross such a mountain range but we've got a video here which we think proves those folks wrong.

It's a remake of a famous Jamiroquai music video, but with "better vehicle, better scenery & better video" according to the Romanian chaps in Team Paraperu and Mototaxi Illegal who shot the video. 

Ignore the shaky start (it's a camera swap action-sequence-drive-by) and ignore the initial bitumen, these guys will take you up onto the ridiculous Peruvian mountain tracks. Using a big stick and a GoPro camera they do a rather splendid job of showing off 360° views of the vast, beautiful landscape and the small, ridiculous mototaxi.

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