THE LAUNCH – 2013 Mongol Derby gets underway

The 5th edition of the might Mongol Derby launched on the morning of Sunday 4th August.

Tom Morgan, creator of the Mongol Derby and founder of The Adventurists (race organisers) watched the start:

“Another massive Derby launch this year. It’s always an awesome sight as the ground shakes when the riders rocket off. Pretty low on injuries so far aside from a couple of party related knocks. And for the first time I haven’t got a clue who might win. Most of the riders are here to come first and have the skills to do it. Time and 1000km of arse pounding steppe will tell.”

Official race photographer Richard Dunwoody said:

“Both riders and the horses were well behaved on the start line. They were all blessed by a Mongolian Lama before the launch. All of them rode out well and everything seems to have gone to plan on Day 1. It’s very good compared to last year when there were serious early injuries and falls on the first day.  Almost all the riders got into Horse Station 2 this evening this evening – they’re a great bunch of people.”

The Launch in Photos