The cars of the 2014 Mongol Rally

We did away with the 10 year rule so we could go back to the glorious folly of very old crap cars. Flinging down the gauntlet inviting teams to bring the oldest, crappest cars they could find. They've done us proud.

green machine.jpg

The Style Icon

The Green Machine - Citroen 2CV

Anyone who has driven a 2CV knows these fun little wagons are designed to drive across ploughed fields, perfect choice for Mongolian 'highways' then. At 0.6 of a litre it is also one of the smallest engined cars on the Rally too.


bmw SA.jpeg

The Hen's Tooth

Two Bros One Mo - BMW SA

This unusual machine is the South African BMW, a re-badged Glas 1700 given the BMW makeover by Praetor Manufacturing Group over 40 years ago. Only 2374 were ever built.

The Worst Car Ever Made

Team Lost in Allegro - '76 Austin Allegro Estate

Despite 650,000 of them being made, a couple of surveys voted this "The worst car ever made" which probably makes it the perfect car to drive to Mongolia in.

 Extra points for the excellent parking boys

Extra points for the excellent parking boys

breaking Khan.jpg

The 'Classy' Pimp-job

Breaking Khan - Daihatsu Move

These tasteful A-team stripes & spoiler give this bad boy some much needed style to go with the 850cc of premium Japanese engine.

 Suzuki Swift - an all-round good egg

Suzuki Swift - an all-round good egg

The Mongol Rally Staple

Team Rambles - Suzuki Swift

The beauty of the Swift is that it is so light it will bounce over the desert like tumbleweed. It is also about as mechanically uncomplicated. The boys have got a small list of emergency repairs to do before July, but they're confident it'll be roadworthy by then.

Little did they know that the 'air conditioning' was just a broken window

The Billy Bargain

The Three Mongoleers - Hyundai Atoz

The guys picked up this pocket rocket for just £140. Gold paint and everything. There's nothing that screams 'Royalty' like gold paint.

The team & Fiona. Named after a special lady in Sam's life

The Slightly Seedy Tribute

Fox Force Five - Renault 5

When Sam was a younger and much more innocent lad, working behind a bar & was accosted by a wondrous older lady called Fiona. Yearning for more than her husband could give Sam was unable to resist her allure, and what entailed was risky, passionate and a hell of a lot of fun. Years down the line, Sam found himself purchasing an old Renault 5 and in many ways it reminded him of Fiona, it was in pretty good nick for its age, it had 1 previous owner that just wasn’t making good use of it, and it was a great ride!

Here are a small selection of other crap & not so crap cars on the the 2014 Rally:

If you've got a car older, crapper or smaller than any of the above be sure to share it with us in the comments below.