How to use a long-drop toilet

The only thing this toilet has going for it is the view-while-you-poo

This is a 'long-drop' toilet, scurge of westerners, something that strikes fear into the heart of the bravest explorer. Fortunately you can't smell this toilet, double fortunately the photograher didn't take a photo of the misery what lies beneath. These shitters don't have a door because the only good thing about them is the view while you squat. Often a source of mystery many a fireside tale has been spun of the woes of these torture instuments. Numerous blogs have been written advising mystified travellers how to use these crap-traps without falling foul of their filth.

We're not going to stoop to tell you how to use the most rudimentary of fecal management solutions, what we are going to do is show you an enhancement brought to you by the ingenious David & Gerard from PM10 (who we last saw skiing in the Turkmen desert).

At Adventurist towers we're followers of the 'dont take too much stuff' school of thought, but this €13 potty lid seems to be a great way of not dropping your car keys and wallet into the pit-of-shit. The use of this clever device earned David & Gerard the moniker 'The Westernizers'.

Now all you need is an air freshener and some poo-paper.