Cool Earth's Rainforest Hero

Chuck Norris is a Pussy: come meet a real hero

Every once in a while you meet a person that is a true hero. Someone so impressive you feel you’ve spent your whole life watching daytime TV.

Cesar Bustamante is one of these people.

His Mum was a shaman, he’s an Ashaninka tribal chief and he’s spent his entire life defending his people’s rainforest.

In the eighties the bad guys were Maoist guerrillas - the brutal Shining Path. I won’t go into the horrendous details suffice to say, the film rights to Cesar’s early life have been bought.

After a decade of fighting against machine guns with knives and arrows (and winning), Cesar took on the cocaine trade. They had even more guns and were just as intent on destroying the rainforest.

Cesar helped banish them to the mountains only to find illegal loggers queuing up to turn 200 years old mahogany trees into floor tiles. This time, Cesar needed help. So when his village got an offer from loggers that they couldn’t refuse, Cesar had the peace of mind to find allies. He contacted Cool Earth.

Since then, we’ve helped ensure none of Cesar’s villages have lost a single tree to loggers. What’s more, they’ve rallied together with their neighbours to form a living shield to halt logging. And right now, every Adventurist is helping to extend this shield to save the rainforest.

So here’s to Cesar. To each and every adventurist - and the insane months you all have ahead of you.

Kitty and the Cool Earth Team