5 Sartorial Triumphs on the Jaisalmer Rickshaw Run

You’ve seen the pimp jobs on the January Rickshaw Run, but what about the impressive outfits spotted on the starting line? If you’re going to cover 3,500kms across India in a rickshaw, it seems fitting to start your adventure in style.

In no particular order, here are five of the most impressive sartorial efforts from this Run's launch:

Where the Tuk is the Party?!


Team: Joost, Carla, Willemijn, Frank, Suzanne and Carolien

Where they’re from: Holland

Theme: “We thought India likes the bling-bling Bollywood so we brought ten kilos of wrapping foil in my backpack with us. We’ve spent two days and two nights putting it on, and we’re still finding new things to add every day.”#

Holy Cowabunga!


Team: Teddy, Matt, Joey and Drew

Where they’re from: California

Theme: “We knew we wanted to go with the Woody car theme, and brought the surfboard with us cut in thirds. We wanted to keep it classy, but also wanted to do something crazy for the launch.

“Our team name, Holy Cowabunga, is a play on ‘holy cow’, so then we went with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s kind of a mix of them, California, and a surf theme. We wanted to bring a bit of our culture here as we experience the culture in India.”

Dragon Ladies


Team: Jane, Jennifer and Moira

Where they’re from: US/UK

Theme: “Jennifer and I live in Hong Kong, and Jane lived there for years and speaks Mandarin. ‘Dragon lady’ in colloquial Chinese is a formidable lady. We’re also wearing traditional outfits which in Hong Kong are called hakka.”

Irie Racers


Team: Chris and Chloe

Where they’re from: Barbados

Theme: “Chloe loves the Rastafarian colours. Plus, they are probably the major Caribbean symbol, so as we’re from Barbados we went with it.”

Get Amongst it


Team: Matt, Owen and Rory

Where they’re from: Australia

Theme: “I couldn’t think of anything, but we finally decided on the giraffe print. We then thought we’d get onesies for it, and I found them on Ebay from some company in Singapore. We actually sampled the colours from the onesies for the pimp job. It’s not bad, right?”