Mongol Derby Race Report: Lead changes hands six times on Day 2

Rider stranded without her horse; the first rider penalties issued; new injury reports received and a massive fight for the lead - day 2 of the Mongol Derby was a lively one. And very competitive; the lead changed hands a record six times in one day - the highest number of lead changes ever in such a short period. 

Day 2 Headlines

A vet checks Charlotte Treleaven's horse at Horse Station 2 - Friday 10th August 2012

-- A leading pack of six riders has emerged. They managed to ride an impressive 160km to reach the 7th horse station out of a total of 25. 

-- A chasing pack of 8 riders made it to horse station 6.

-- The field is now spread over four horse stations that sit 40km apart so the leaders are 120km ahead of the tail enders after two days. 

-- South African riders Barry Armitage and Joe Dawson first into horse station 7 at day’s end. They’re determined to win but have stiff competition. 

-- Sonja Timani camped on the first night, but woke up to find her horse had already buggered off. Without her.

-- Three riders choose to camp out on the steppe at the end of day 2 between horse stations 5 & 6 and one has gone to a soum to stay with a local family

Bad start for Sonja Timani

The day didn’t get off to a good start for Sonja Timani. After the first day she was the only rider to camp out on the steppe instead of staying at one of the horse stations. Unfortunately her horse decided to leave early, and she woke up to find herself stranded. 

She had to call for outside assistance and was carried forward to horse station 3, where her horse had already arrived. She will incur a 3 hour penalty which will be served at horse station 9. Any penalties picked up by riders before the 9th station will be served there. After a rough start Sonja was able to continue racing from horse station 3 onwards and had a successful day, making it to horse station 5. 

Will Grant carries own saddle bags to protect horse

North American journalist Will Grant noticed his saddle bags had started to rub his horse, which could lead to discomfort. A highly experienced horseman, he spotted it quickly and decided to strap the saddlebags to himself until the next horse station to avoid any injury to his horse. Chief Vet Harry inspected the horse when it arrived and was very happy with its condition and Will’s decision to protect its welfare ahead of his own aim of sticking with the leading pack. 

The episode cost Will around 40 minutes so he dropped off the pace and ended up finishing the day 40kms behind the leaders, but is still in contention with so far to go.

Another Day 1 injury reported

Erin Shanson has reported a heavy fall she sustained on the first day which has injured her knee. She called for help after the end of racing today and Prometheus medics Deb & Kate responded to the call. 

Erin has been medically cleared to carry on racing but it’s clear that its causing some discomfort and is likely to have affected her pace and progress. 

Losing GPS tracker delays Team Sweden

Christoffer Adriansson lost his tracker and it had to be collected by the race team while he waited at horse station 6. 

His team mate Mathias could have ridden on but decided to wait for Christopher so both dropped back to the chasing pack. A technical penalty is given in this situation and was served while the riders waited for the missing tracker, but by that time it was too late to make any further progress. 

Leaderboard - positions at the end of Day 2

Horse Station 7:

Barry Armitage, 45, South Africa

Joe Dawson, 35, South Africa

Dony Fahy, 25, Ireland

Richard Killoran, 25, Ireland

Julie Youngblood, 24, USA

Charlotte Treleaven, 24, UK

Staying in soum 3km short of Horse Station 7:

Michaela Gradinger, 39, Austria

Horse Station 6: 

Campbell Costello, 24, Australia

Ben de Rivaz, 28, UK

Nicole Walter, 41, Germany

Wendy Chambers, 45, Australia

Christoffer Adriansson, 26, Sweden

Mathias Gardlund, 42, Sweden

Sam Wyborn, 25, New Zealand

Will Grant, 31, USA

Camping between horse stations 5 & 6:  

Simon Pearce, 51, South Africa

Heather Mostert, 30(ish), South Africa

Craig Springbait, 51, South Africa

Horse Station 5: 

Jess Pelaez, 29, USA

Erik Cooper, 27, USA

George Azarius, 26, Australia

Lucy Yorke, 25, UK

Jess Russell, 24, UK

Sonja Timani, 39, Austria

Alya Obaid, UAE

Eveline Gawne, 46, UK 

Aimee Costello, 29, UK

Horse Station 4: 

Ronald van der Velder, 51, Netherlands

Erin Shanson, 27, USA

Anne Schutman, 29, Germany

Katherine Friedland, 46, Canada

Ivo Marlo, Germany

Withdrawn due to injury on Day 1: 

Paul de Rivaz

Linda Sandvik