Meet the Sailors - June 17 Ngalawa Cup

Six brave teams are currently off the coast of Tanzania, striving for glory in all its many forms when they launch tomorrow morning. In their own words, meet the motley crews of the June 2017 Ngalawa Cup.

Backstreet Buoys (USA)

Kurtis Foster | Austin Peik | Kevin Mihalik (not pictured)

Kurtis and Austin did the April 2016 Rickshaw Run as The Fast and the Curryous. But they have only been sailing for a couple of months. Kevin has lots of experience, he’s been sailing throughout his life and is certified by the American Sailing Association in small boat, keel boat and bareboat charter sailing.

Raising money for Cool Earth they’re doing challenges such as catching and kissing a live fish, eating termites, and one of the guys drinking another’s piss, although you have to donate $1500 for that honour.

Dos Bollitos un Quesito - BBQ Team  (ESP)

Jorge | Alberto | Alba

Alberto is the captain and has experience with sailing.  Jorge has been a seasoned sailor for the last 4 months, loves sports, and has been convincing his teammates to participate in the race for the last 2 years. Alba loves sailing, the sea, and Africa, but she’s never done anything like this and sees it as a personal test. Her whole family is into sailing and she “grew up in the middle of the sea,” so she’s very comfortable on boats.

The team has been doing some preparation and training for this. But they’re in it for the adventure, not to win. They expect to have good moments and difficult moments, but to overcome them all together with the team love.

Fiasco De Gama (FRA)

Pierre Ruaro (Bigou) | Anthony Jouannic (El Juanito) | Laurent Feraudet (Captain Farf Myahudi)

They are August 2015 Rickshaw Run veterans (still using the same team name). They don’t have any sailing experience which makes them aim for 1st place obviously. They can handle a fair amount of shitty situations and they like to break the things they are travelling in. For this adventure, they chose to raise money for Doctors without Borders, for more info check their splendid website:

Hold my Beer… I Think I Got This

Jon Llona Mínguez (ESP) | Sandra Bonot (FRA) | Ben Chivers (AUS) | Mark Howard (AUS)

Jon and Sandra are a couple who live together in Dubai. They are both experienced sailors. Ben and Mark are friends who’ve joined up with Jon and Sandra just for the race.

A mix of French, Spanish and Australian nationalities.  All looking forward to learning how to sail. Language barriers. Low overall IQ. Profound discoordination. Lack of motivation and tendency to be lazy. In it for the win.


We got this.

The Mast and the Furious (GBR)

Toby Scregg | Tsvetan Pavlov |  Declan Flood

Toby was, for a brief time, a sailing instructor.

Tsvetan is a communist.

Declan is looking forward to learning about Karl Marx.

Team Polepole

Brad Mcevoy (NZL) | Jacques Antione (ZAF) | David Crush (GBR)

“3 idiots in a boat. A slow boat.”

The team was forged in Dubai over a few cold beers and has remained tight ever since. What the team lacks in sailing knowledge, they make up for in grit and determination and will draw on previous expedition knowledge. Each member has some key strengths that will make the trip a success and a memory not to be forgotten anytime soon.

What a lovely bunch, it could be anyone's race (except those guys of course, they have no chance, you know the ones. You don't? Oh well, you will).

Tracking for the June 17 Ngalawa Cup is now open. Head here to keep up with all the latest:


You can find out more or apply for the race over on the Ngalawa Cup website.