Creative driving on the Mongol Rally

Some chaps on the Rally pick up unusual driving habits, of course at Adventurist HQ we always advocate driving in the manner of Morgan Freeman in "Driving Miss Daisy" but we thought we would show you an example of some of the innovative driving techniques found on the Mongolian Steppe this year. Below is a video by Jean-Loup from 'Inglorious Drivers' of how Richard and Stuart from team 134k kept driving despite suffering the misfortune of losing a wheel. There is also some marginally inadvisable motorcycling on display, by 'Harry' someone before you ask, who is not on the rally. At this point it's customary to say we always recommend wearing a helmet, apart from looking quite nice they are preferable to severe headwounds.

This is Stu from 134k's explanation of what they were doing:

Back right wheel bearing failed about 40km out of Bayanhongor (the back left failed on day 2 in Germany!) so we turned around and headed back to town -- loyal convoy in tow! Once the hub and wheel popped off, we were still about 15km short of the mechanic -- only (viable) solution to protect the car was to drop the axle into a spare allow wheel and use it to skid back to town (forwards didn't work as it kept popping out).

We made it just a few km away before the wheel shredded so had no choice but to do the last stint dragging the axle and chassis along the road with a shower of sparks behind us -- surprisingly, the police at the Bayanhongor checkpoint didn't even bat an eyelid when we crawled back into town sounding like a tank!