Team Screaming Eagles Take Their Renault Clio Snorkelling in the Rally

After sharing their splendid Mongol Rally in Pictures with the world, team Screaming Eagles have also unearthed this gem of a video.

The Screaming Eagles managed to get the British Army to pay for their rally as a training exercise, and what better training situation to be in than stranded in the desert in a certified granny mobile with no way forward but through a 3 foot deep river. The team certainly exercised their ingenuity muscle - they managed to get across the river by one brave soul sitting in the bonnet and holding a hose pipe over the air inlet.

Do not try this at home, try it in Mongolia by signing up for the Mongol Rally 2013.

Note - the flag on the car is purely decorative and we do not endorse any political party. Even if they give us lots of gin.