A few words from Cool Earth

The Adventurists have teamed up with Cool Earth to save the world, one jungle at a time

“We must save every rainforest in the world so future generations have somewhere to get stuck in”

The Adventurists believe these words with such fervour that they made us, Cool Earth, their official charity. Good news for us, and the rest of the world.

For we are a charity with a single aim: to halt rainforest destruction.

The Ashaninka - brave guardians of the rainforest

It isn’t a particularly new idea. People have been banging on about ‘Saving the Rainforest’ since Mungo Jerry was considered acceptable. Fences were erected, men with guns patrolled and hands were wrung. Half the world’s rainforests were still destroyed.

Enter the genius that is Cool Earth. We’ve turned the approach upside down and we took the fight to the loggers. We’ve worked with people who have lived in the forest for generations and put them back in control.

So far 330,000 acres of rainforest that sit directly in the path of chainsaws and bulldozers have been saved. The clever part is that this forms a shield to make the next bit of forest inaccessible to loggers. It’s protecting millions of acres of forest.

So when you are broken down in a desert, stuck in a snowdrift or your horse smells better than you, take heart. Think of the colossal Amazon that you are saving and the favours that we’ll owe you.

Onwards. Save the World. Big Love

Kitty and the Cool Earth Team.