Kraken Cup - Day 7

Day 7 has proven to be another fine day of racing. After the events of yesterday, the teams who are left in the race fought hard for that top spot. With little more than half a days sailing separating the leaders, any mistake at this stage could prove costly.

Race crew member Dylan explains what the teams need to do in order to retain or take the lead in this race.

And it really was all about tactics, placing the boats in the right place and taking full advantage of tides and currents. The conditions, luckily, were kind. Calm seas and decent winds meaning most teams could hold a steady 3 -4 kts heading from Okuza to Songo Songo Island (checkpoint 9).

Teams leaving Okuza this morning

Teams leaving Okuza this morning

From leaving Okuza it was a close fought battle. Village Monde and Kraken Up were in the lead for most of the morning, taking it in turns at the front of the pack. The tracking map showed the fleet in very close quarters with one another, mistakes just weren’t an option.

Buena Aventura navigating their way to Songo Songo today

Buena Aventura navigating their way to Songo Songo today

A closely fought race the whole way down to Songo Songo

A closely fought race the whole way down to Songo Songo

Village Monde had more good news come their way. Race officials were debating over day 3 results. Leg 3 was a non-race day due to no wind so all time penalties and times were removed from overall results. This meant the time penalty placed on Village Monde was removed, sailing them back into the overall lead by 3hrs.

Tomorrow is crunch time. Who will take the 2019 Kraken Cup crown? Only time will tell. Join us on all the usual places to follow it LIVE



Today’s Result

01) 05:21 Krakin' Up

02) 05:26 Village Monde - VAOLO

03) 05:45 Southern Exposure

04) 05:51 Buena Aventura

05) 05:51 Jambo, y'all!

06) 06:01 Eat Ship! - Brosail Inc.

07) 06:06 Kaea o Nga Waka

08) 06:09 Bail, Bail, Bail

09) 06:11 Schrodinger's Catamaran

10) 06:31 Knot lost

11) 06:31 Out of Our Depth

12) 06:42 Three Willy's

13) 06:45 Three guys walk into a boat

So after sending out the overall results yesterday, one of the teams pointed out that they were being penalised for arriving late at CP3 and that Day 3 was considered not to be a racing day and should not count in the standings. This was because of the lack of wind and almost all teams ending up being towed at some point.

So, we have had to revise the overall standings if the race accordingly - removing any times related to Day 3, which changes things considerably.


01) 34:37 Village Monde - VAOLO

02) 37:28 Krakin' Up

03) 37:50 Southern Exposure (Late Arrival +00:20)

04) 38:10 Jambo, y'all!

05) 40:02 Bail, Bail, Bail (Late Arrival +00:38)

06) 40:50 Eat Ship! - Brosail Inc. (Late Arrival +01:50)

07) 45:03 Buena Aventura (Late Arrival +02:06)

08) 45:18 Out of Our Depth (Late Arrival +02:34)

09) 46:13 Schrodinger's Catamaran (Late Arrival +03:24)

10) 46:30 Three Willy's (Late Arrival +02:12, Late Report in +00:30)

11) 48:38 Knot lost (Late Arrival +03:52)

12) 51:15 Kaea o Nga Waka (Late Arrival +05:22)

13) 71:12 Three guys walk into a boat (Late Arrival +14:20, Assistance +02:24)

The Adventure Class

The teams who are out of contention for the race are still putting in the time, not letting their adventure dwindle away. Sailing from Bwejuu today to Songo Songo, they are putting in a mammoth leg that requires huge effort and energy. These teams were over a day behind the leaders and include

Crazy Cannucks

H.M.S. Thunderbush

In Decent Sea

Pole pole ndio mwendo

Unsalted Nuts

The race maybe over for some of the teams, but the adventure most certainly isn’t

The race maybe over for some of the teams, but the adventure most certainly isn’t