Kraken Cup - Day 6

Day 6 of the 2019 Kraken Cup. Today was a closely fought battle, with a tie for 6th position and six teams finishing within ten minutes of each other.

Looking at the bigger picture - overall positions after penalties have been considered - with two days left to go, less than half a day of sailing separates the top six. There are a further group of teams who could quickly climb the leaderboard if we see some big penalties or retirements ahead of them.

All the teams that are more than a day behind have been re-established as ‘adventure class’. This doesn’t make their achievements any less, it only means they wont get an official rank at the end of the race.

Leaving Bwejuu this morning

HMS Thunderbush had been struggling without their team-mate Peter who retired yesterday. They’d picked up some damage on the reef which further demoralised them and were wary of today’s weather forecast. Our race crew thought it might be a good idea to bring them a local skipper. Once they’d hit the water their confidence had grown enough for them to decide they didn’t need him. It’s possible tomorrow they’ll pick up Julia (formerly of Three’s Company) to finish the race.

HMS Thunderbush after Peter’s retirement

The big story of the day is how team In Decent Sea rescued three adrift sailors whose ship sank two days before. They took the sailors aboard until they could SOS to Carlos and Pelayo on RB3.

‘The sailors were from passenger boat Voladua, heading from Mafia Island to Kisiyu. The survivors had spent 48 hours in the water clinging to a wooden box and had become weak. Once they were aboard RB3 they were taken back to Mafia Island to be treated.

Here’s the sort of stuff you can expect to eat on the Kraken Cup.

Day 6 Leaderboard

01) 3:45 Southern Exposure

02) 3:50 Village Monde - VAOLO

03) 3:54 Eat Ship! - Brosail Inc.

04) 4:08 Out of Our Depth

05) 4:14 Bail, Bail, Bail

06) 4:16 Kaea o Nga Waka

06) 4:16 Krakin' Up

08) 4:17 Buena Aventura

09) 4:19 Three Willy's

10) 4:24 Schrodinger's Catamaran

11) 4:32 Knot lost

12) 4:40 Jambo, y'all!

--) 4:48 Crazy Cannucks (Adventurers - skipped a leg)

13) 5:12 Three guys walk into a boat

Overall Leader Board

All penalties have already been deducted.

01) 41:41 Krakin' Up

02) 43:18 Eat Ship! - Brosail Inc. (penalty 1:30 - Late Arrival CP4)

03) 43:29 Bail, Bail, Bail (penalty 0:38 - Late Arrival CP4)

04) 43:53 Village Monde - VAOLO (Penalty 3:00 - Late Arrival CP3)

05) 46:35 Southern Exposure (Penalty 3:12 - Late Arrival CP3 & CP4)

06) 46:43 Jambo, y'all! (Penalty 2:48 - Late Arrival CP3)

07) 51:53 Schrodinger's Catamaran (Penalty 4:30 Late Arrival CP3 & CP4)

08) 52:42 Buena Aventura (Penalty 4:18 Late Arrival CP3 & CP4)

09) 54:47 Out of Our Depth (Penalty 6:26 Late Arrival CP3 & CP4)

10) 56:12 Three Willy's (Penalty 6:20 Late Arrival CP3 & CP4 + 30 late report in 14:00 instead of 12:44)

11) 57:25 Knot lost (Penalty 7:16 Late Arrival CP3 & CP4)

12) 58:42 Kaea o Nga Waka (Penalty 7:36 Late Arrival CP3 & CP4)

13) 83:09 Three guys walk into a boat (Penalty 20:00 Late Arrival CP3 & CP4)

Adventure Class Boats (not in official ranking)

These teams are either more than a day behind the top 13 teams, or took a carry forward. Though they’re out of contention for a race position , they’re still in the adventure and should be recognised for their perseverance.

Crazy Cannucks

H.M.S. Thunderbush

In Decent Sea

Pole pole ndio mwendo

Unsalted Nuts


Get Galawacking

Gybe Turkeys


Three's Company

Arriving at CP 8 today

Weather Report Monday

At the start of the day we have a steady north wind at 9knt. As we move later in the day it is going to shift to an more north easterly direction and build to around 12knt. There may be a smattering of rain.

You can follow the action from 6.30 on the Kraken Cup Twitter and the tracking map. Signup is already open for the 2020 race over on the Kraken website.