Kraken Cup - Day 5

The drama began before the day even started. Last night after four teams came a cropper on a reef causing serious damage to their Ngalawas.

Team Unsalted Nuts suffered the worst, battling for 2hrs to get themselves free. They ended up having to leave the boat overnight and the damage was cause for concern, a broken forward spur, lost lashings a leaks in the main hull. The boat had to be taken to the isle of Kwale for repair. Their chance of winning the Kraken is over.

Local fisherman help repair Ngalawas

Local fisherman help repair Ngalawas

They weren’t the only ones to feel the wrath of the reef. HMS thunderbush, Pole Pole and Indecent Sea were all stuck. They managed to sail at the start of today, but the reef delayed them by such an extent that they too only managed to reach the checkpoint at Kwale, an optional stop off for boats lagging behind.

On top of that, HMS Thunderbush lost a team member who retired from exhaustion. The other two will carry on tomorrow but for those teams, the race is over - but the adventure continues.

The four teams tucked away at the camp on Kwale

The four teams tucked away at the camp on Kwale

It may be over for them, but for the rest of the teams the race is still very much in full swing. One of the teams to really pull it out of the bag were Schrodinger’s Catamaran. After falling behind they pulled off an epic 50nm stretch today, averaging a steady 5kts. Word on the ground is they were surfing the waves and loving it. The race crew were going to pull them in early as they weren’t expected to reach checkpoint 7 (Bwejuu) but after performing so utterly well, they allowed them to sail on.

They are now back in the game, and although a win maybe tricky, they are still very much in the race.

The Ngalawas behaving brilliantly for some today

The Ngalawas behaving brilliantly for some today

The four leading teams rolled into the checkpoint within 15 minutes of each other and they really are the ones to keep an eye on; Village Monde, Eat Ship, Buena Adventura and Southern Exposure. Following the tracking map throughout the day you could see it was neck and neck the whole way. They would take it turns at the front, but this was no friendly fight. They were jostling for position, manoeuvring themselves in the best way possible to squeeze every last second to the finish and it was very, very close.

The leading pack were neck and neck the whole way

The leading pack were neck and neck the whole way

A great day racing all round with some victims falling foul of the Kraken. But tomorrow is another day, can the leading 4 hold on to the top spot? With only one more checkpoint before the finish, it’s not long before we too will find out.


Leaderboard from today - Checkpoint 7 (Bewjuu Island)

  1. 7:11 Village Monde - VAOLO

  2. 7:22 Eat Ship! - Brosail Inc.

  3. 7:26 Buena Aventura

  4. 7:26 Southern Exposure

  5. 7:54 Three Willy's

  6. 7:55 Bail, Bail, Bail

  7. 7:58 Kaea o Nga Waka

  8. 8:05 Krakin' Up

  9. 8:07 Out of Our Depth

  10. 8:23 Knot lost

  11. 8:39 Jambo, y'all!

  12. 10:55 Schrodinger's Catamaran - 50nm

  13. 11:10 Three guys walk into a boat