Kraken Cup - Day 3

Sailor or not everybody knows that wind is an essential element to sailing. So what do you do when there isn’t any? Victim to a windless 3rd day the teams had to get creative in entertaining themselves to Dar Es Salaam.

The decision was taken by race officials not to take todays time into account for the overall standings, as most teams needed a tow of at least 10nm to arrive at checkpoint 3.

The dark blue indicates a windspeed of no more than 1kt

The dark blue indicates a windspeed of no more than 1kt

With very little to do but paddle and wait around for a tow, the teams had to keep busy. Tim and Sam from team Pole To Pole sent us an update with how they kept themselves amused while being towed into checkpoint 3.

That’s right. They had time to sleep on the bow and listen to music. A restful time then, and that wasn’t all.

You heard correctly, they played a game of A-Z car naming.

It may seem funny, but being in the doldrums was historically a big problem for sailors. Although our crews aren’t quite in the geographical defined area of the doldrums, they still got a taste of what it might be like. Knowing how to keep yourself occupied during prolonged periods of no wind is an important skill to master for moral and historically, for your life.

Sailors of the past who were dependant on trade winds could find themselves stuck in the doldrums for days, perhaps even weeks. Keeping themselves occupied and moral high was a matter of life or death. There was no support boat to call on to come in and rescue the crew, they were very much on their own.

Luckily for us, the teams have trackers and are close to shore, but even that short time at the mercy of no wind was mentally exhausting on them.

Team Eat Ship beaching their ngalawa to protect from the impending tide

Team Eat Ship beaching their ngalawa to protect from the impending tide

So now we’ve learnt a little bit about the doldrums, what about tomorrow? The forecast is looking much better, and the teams will be thankful. It’s another long stretch to checkpoint 4. We can expect force 3 - 4 for most of the day. That 9 - 12kts with gusts of 15kts possibly 18kts. Much better than today, we may even see some sailing.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 16.14.47.png

The standings will remain the same as yesterday.

Overall Standings

  1. 7hrs 54min Village Monde

  2. 8hrs 38min Jambo Y'all

  3. 9hrs 17min Pole Pole

  4. 9hrs 23min Schrodinger's Catamaran

  5. 9hrs 30min Krakin Up

  6. 9hrs 45min Southern Exposure

  7. 10hrs 08min Bail Bail Bail

  8. 10hrs 09min Eat Ship

  9. 12hrs 02min Out of Our Depth

  10. 12hrs 20min Get Galawacking

  11. 12hrs 24min Unsalted Nuts

  12. 13hrs 41min Buena Aventura

  13. 12hrs 45min Knot Lost

  14. 13hrs 38min Three Willy's

  15. 14hrs 13min Kaea o Nga Waka

  16. 14hrs 21min HMS Thunderbush

  17. 15hrs 50mins Gybe Turkeys

  18. 16hrs 24min Three Company

  19. 17hrs 57min Three guy's walk

  20. 18hrs 04min Crazy Cannucks

  21. 18hrs 37min Matlai

  22. 18hrs 44min In Decent Sea