Kraken Cup - Day 1

It was a strangely calm day on the first day of the 2019 Kraken Cup. A Le Mans start had the teams legging it to the water to their ngalawas and paddling like a concrete duck to escape the bay and set sail.

Light winds awaited the teams in the bay leaving them tweaking their sails and having to paddle again to make headway.

This was the shortest leg of the race to Stone Town and it saw our current race leaders Charles, Bastien and Gilles of team Village Monde throwing their anchor after just 3 hours 7 minutes. Not far behind were teams Jambo y'all and Schrodinger's Catamaran.

In their bid to reach the end of the leg, Team Pole Pole got themselves stuck on decreasing tide until a ferry passed and made enough wake for them to push the boat across the peak of the reef and continue sailing. Try and keep the boat in the wet bit chaps.

And so, here are the rankings so far in order of time taken to complete the leg.

  • 3:07 Village Monde

  • 3:24 Jambo, y'all!

  • 3:30 Schrodinger's Catamaran

  • 3:34 Pole Pole

  • 3:44 Southern Exposure

  • 4:08 Krakin' Up

  • 4:37 Eat Ship! - Brosail Inc.

  • 4:40 Out of Our Depth

  • 4:42 Bail, Bail, Bail

  • 5:11 Get Galawacking

  • 5:26 Knot lost

  • 5:28 Unsalted Nuts

  • 5:59 Three's Company

  • 6:01 H.M.S. Thunderbush

  • 6:17 MATLAI

  • 6:35 Kaea o Nga Waka - 30min penalty

  • 6:31 Three Willy's - 30min penalty

  • 6:45 Three guys walk into a boat

  • 7:12 Crazy Cannucks

  • 7:14 In Decent Sea - 30min penalty

  • 7:47 Gybe Turkeys

The weather tomorrow is looking like it will make for another easy day with under 5 knts westerly rolling to SE 5-7knts over the day

Tune in tomorrow to follow the race live here