The Rickshaw Run August 2018 is live

The Rickshaw Run is an ode to the dazzling, sense-debilitating, weird and wonderful subcontinent that is India. An ode to chaos, and to all things unpredictable. A long and choppy ode, scribbled with a shit pen on a thin napkin chewed by a cow on the side of a bad road. An ode nevertheless.

This Monday, 86 teams launched from the extraordinary Jawahar Niwas Palace in Jaisalmer. The music was loud, the pimps were impressive, and the teams had no idea what they're letting themselves into. Exactly how we like it.

Here's some of the best we've seen from the teams so far.

If today’s off the beaten path adventure ended in the destruction of my tuk tuk and myself as well, it would have been all worth it. Best day yet.
— Team The Districkshaws
Team The Districkshaws.jpg
So many selfies. Not gonna lie, this is intense. It’s only day 1. Shit.
— Callum, team The Magic Beans

We saw breakdowns too. Mechanical as well as physiological...

When everyone is having beers but Delhi Belly only let you eat white rice.
— Borja, Team Risky Cucos
Guy put Diesel in their engine. No good. And they put this Slice bottle into my hand, but it wasn’t Slice, it was juice in an old Slice bottle. Both engines in rough shape.
— Justin, team The Districkshaws

The teams are posting live on the Adventurists tracking map. Click here to follow the action.

Tracking map.jpg