"Horn OK" artist has a secret

If you’ve ever wondered who’s behind those intricate artworks splayed over the vehicles of India, look no further than Devindra Mali aka Deva.


Deva is one of the artists who paints the “horn OK” labels that adorn cars across India and he’s been doing it for over 20 years. With all that stroking under his belt, he was the perfect candidate to help us translate the Rickshaw Run teams imagination into real world artwork and for the last four years he’s been doing just that.

With very little to go on and just a bit of oil paint, Deva sets to work creating what we think are the best looking Rickshaws in the whole of India. Here are some of his choice Rickshaws from this years run.

Good Ol Boys 2 copy.jpg

Let's face it, Owen Wilson has never looked so good. Deva made short work of Good Ol Boys ideas and even had time to throw together something awesome for the nose. Not Owen's nose, the rickshaw's. 

karneval 2 copy.jpg

Pixar 3D animators would be impressed. Even though Deva's representation of Rex looks a little bulbous thanks to the Rickshaw, the dinos plastic, lifeless face has been captured wonderfully. 

Korma Chameloeons 2 copy.jpg

Deva must do his own makeup because this is just brilliant. Boy George has never looked so good.

Twice 2 copy.jpg

You maybe wondering why these women are looking so delighted. Well, it's because they were painted by Deva. If anyone can tell us who they are actually, that'd be swell. I think the one in the middle is Gary Lineker. 

what tuk tuk you so long 4 copy.jpg

This may not appear that impressive so far....but just you wait....see below

what tuk tuk you so long 3 copy.jpg

Deva has taken a boring world like "Flamingos" and given it a hilarious new twist. We're already in talks with the people behind the Oxford Dictionary to see if it can be in the 2019 edition.

Deva is a man of many talents and helps us make The Rickshaw Run a truly unique event. Fancy it? Go here.

To follow the teams' progress, go here.