Who Knew There Were So Many Ways To Start A Fire?

Fire. The release of heat, light and other things as a result of rapid oxidation in the chemical process of combustion.

Fire gave humanity the ability to cook food, killing organisms that would have otherwise given us a gippy tummy, or a terrible bout of death. It's kept us warm, warded off nocturnal man-eaters, and powered engines. We’ve harnessed it’s energy in such a way that almost everything you look at can be attributed to it in one way or another. Without it, you’re nothing but an ape with your finger up your arse.

So, it’s important. The thing is, most of you reading this probably haven’t the faintest idea how to start one out the wild. We pride ourselves on putting people in situations that the knowledge of lighting a fire would make just that little bit easier, so we thought we’d introduce you to the dulcet tones of Alfie Aesthetics.

In this episode Alfie provides us with 10 unique ways to light a fire in the wild.

Awesome isn’t it. You really have no excuse now. You should be able to light a fire in almost any situation. Ah! I said no excuses.