Gott Milk?

How do you get to the shops? Walk? Take the car? Perhaps you cycle or ride a motorbike. Whatever it is, it's boring and you need to rethink your milk buying strategy (if you're a vegan, you need to rethink your almond/soya/oat milk buying strategy) because Icarus Trophy veteran and mop-headed hat wearer Tucker Gott has got it nailed. Watch the video of his antics below.

The enthusiastic mentalist and paramotor pilot decided to see if buying milk from his local shop was possible using his paramotor razzmatazz and it turns out, if you live in the middle of nowhere with loads of space, it is. What’s more, you can rip through trees, take in the view and generally have a great time.

This isn’t the first time Tucker has pulled a stunt like this, not too long ago he ventured to a McDonald's much to the surprise of baffled and overweight diabetes sufferers (probably).

So if you haven’t “got milk?” Tucker Gott’s “got milk”. Now go “Gott” some milk.

NB: If you have bought milk in a more interesting way, like, I dunno, straight from a cow boob on a moving train, send us a video.

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