Help a fellow adventurist

We all know the feeling. You’re the first person from Tajikistan hoping to drive around the world and you need a cup of tea. We’ve literally all been there.

What the hell are we talking about? Well, a good friend of the company has put a shout out about his mate, Farkhod, aiming to be the first Tajik to drive around the world and has asked us to see if anyone is willing to put him up.

There’s a reasonable chance this guy has helped out some folk on the Mongol Rally in Dushanbe before, especially if they were on a bike as he’s the current President of Dushanbe bike club. Did you do the Rally on a motorbike, have you met Farkhod?

Here’s a little gallery of photos we borrowed from his instagram page…

Despite his overly big car that we’re pretending to ignore, we thought we’d put our heads together and see what we could do do help. It was whilst putting our heads together that Mr Joolz spilled his piping hot Earl Grey all over his lap. Through his squeals of agony as the scorching hot liquid seeped through his cheap underpants came enlightenment. Tea. We must make him tea.

We decided, therefore, to see if we could persuade you, you fine pillars of The Adventurists community, to perhaps make it your mission to find and meet Farkhod en-route, and make him a nice cup of tea. Maybe even share a biscuit or two.

Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 15.00.51.png

By the look of his Instagram page, he is currently in Paris. At least, there’s a ruddy great tower of some description in the photos, he could, of course, also be in Blackpool. He's trying to be relaxed with his route so that he can take chances as they arise. Rightly so.

We presume he’s coming to the UK for a cup of tea at Adventurists HQ, then he’ll cross the Atlantic. American chums from the Rally - this is your chance if you want to pay back any central Asian generosity or atone for any crimes on the road the adventure gods hath provided.

Whether or not anyone manages to find Farkhod awaits to be seen. We’d imagine messaging him through Instagram would be most effective. If you do manage to find him, and put him up or make him a cup of tea then please get in touch and let us know.

Toodle pip

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