Rickshaw Run, the Grand offing

Day 1 of the Rickshaw run and time for our delightfully intrepid idiots to be kicked out of the cradle and into the unforgiving streets of India. Bugger off now please, you've had your party.

With the hangovers and excitement of New Years disappearing in a haze of shame and resolution, the boys and girls of the three wheeled excursion have blasted with fanfare across the start line. Much to the relief of their hosts. They are now lost and at the mercy of the sub continent.

Dusty chaos of the unwashed pre-launch twist and go session.

Dusty chaos of the unwashed pre-launch twist and go session.

With tales already rolling in from the road we have a mixture of elation and confusion as our likely lads and lasses begin breaking down and side swiping trucks.

Our first accident of the event came courtesy of Philip Bateman and his team, who first broke down and then had a run in with the military and a slap on the wrist for taking Facebook live into a restricted zone. They then went face first into a truck just to make sure of a dramatic first day. 

Legs and arms still attached to bodies. No injuries apart from to pride and rickshaw

Legs and arms still attached to bodies. No injuries apart from to pride and rickshaw

Teams this year seem to have taken the spirit of madness to a new level with a great deal of effort going into fancy dress and themed shenanigans. Much buggering about has been well thought out and put into practice, much to the amazement of bemused locals and their fabulous moustaches. The tribe of adventuring heroes take tomfoolery to a new level of international fucking about.


Rickshaw Runners have turned naturalist as they swerve to avoid herds of curious wildlife that mystifyingly appear in the middle of the road at any given time. Refusing to move and arrogantly daring our adventurers to challenge their right to the road. Our daredevils have so far been ground to a halt by goats, camels, cows, elephants, goats and peacocks, thankfully with no recorded fatalities so far.

The road ahead is long and totally unprepared for the idiocy we have released upon it. It looks like it will be a long and amusing Run with plenty of fun break downs as teams learn a rickshaw and a Skoda Octavia have exactly fuck all in common.

Sam Riddell and Co. Began the race in traditional style by breaking down 10 km from the start and projectile vomiting every alternative kilometre. This showing an abject rejection of the local culinary traditions. One team decided to go off-radar by ditching their documents which had to be hand delivered by a volunteer courier to a totally different team, much to their surprise.


WhatsApp Image 2018-01-02 at 04.15.44.jpeg

It is definitely worth mentioning that our miraculous January 2018 teams have so far raised a whopping planet repairing total of £20,707 for Cool Earth in all its forestry awesomeness. 

Good show boys and girls, carry on with the good work, all is not lost.


Also a quick reminder to the ongoing photo or video of the day competition, we wish to enshrine your awesomeness for all to see, so please keep them coming, don't be shy.

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If all this has made you realise that your life needs some spicing up, then you can sign up for future Rickshaw Runs HERE.

Wordage by Dane Henson