The Rickshaw Run Himalaya - Mr Aneurin's update

Last weekend our brave team of Rickshaw Run Veteran Pioneers boldly set off from Shimla in Himachel Pradesh, to take rickshaws where they've never been before.

1000km to Leh via roads blocked by landslides, through protected military border zones and across 5000m high snow covered passes - all without a humble chai sipping rickshaw mechanic in sight.

It's worth pointing out that this route is so stupid we had to split it into two for our recce trip - the combined time it took our team of professional mechanics and three wheeler aficionados to complete it was 17 days. Naturally we thought they'd just been a bit soft so we gave the pioneers 7.

On Saturday, the 12 Teams met in the tiger room for a some info about landslides, altitude sickness and weather conditions. Then, on Sunday morning, having forgotten most of what they'd learnt, they were promptly waved off - apart from Team DrinkMeChai who had been a bit too enthusiastic at the gin reception prior to the route brief.

Funnily enough there isn't much reception in the himalayan deserts and mountain passes, so we're not really sure where they are or what they are doing. But a few teams have managed to send us some photos, and we can't help but agree with our own Mr Matt:

These roads are fucking awesome


Pioneer Brock explains his game plan:

We’re pro jump out. And we’re proud of it. I’m gonna be the biggest ninja pussy and jump out the second the rickshaw heads to that cliff edge

Team Bums of Anarchy:

In case anyone’s wondering the poo got popped yesterday as we got crushed between a rock face and a bus
Bums of Anarchy.jpeg

.Quixote y quixote ride again showing us mere mortals what 3 wheelers are capable of:

showing us mere mortals.jpeg

The teams - minus Tim of DrinkMeChai who hadn't quite got to grips with his hangover:

Teams - minus Tim.jpeg

4 times Rickshaw Run veterans Hello Kiwi somewhere high up:

Hello Kiwi.jpg

The legendary multiple Institute of Adventure Research veterans Don Mclester and Ky joining forces in King tuk tuk.

King tuk tuk.jpeg

Team Five Somewhere on the uninhabited More Plains - a vast plateau 4800m up.

Five Somewhere.jpeg

The Finish line opens on Saturday - providing they make it through the fresh snowfall currently furnishing the route.