Monkey Run Peru - Running

After some unscheduled delays the Monkey Run exploded from Bruno's Ranch like a Peruvian firework from the hand of a man with 7 fingers. The heroic/haphazard riders convoyed across the city stopping after only five minutes to fix a nail in Fred's tyre. It's probably not a surprise than a biker gang astride tiny motorbikes stalling and spluttering through the mid-day traffic turned a few heads. What is a surprise is that no one got lost or fell foul of the traffic police's whistles.

losely behind them was lone rider Fin, the Huancayo launch party, Ant, Matt & Darren and the back runners Robert & Stefan, Gregor & Olly. All of whom raced into the mountains to get promptly swallowed by a hailstorm.

I’m so fucking lost
— Mechanic sweary Dave
Going good, fucking freezing
— Fleet mechanic - Sweary Dave

Thursday saw Pat have wheel trouble at the top of a mountain. Trouble exacerbated by the mechanic being less skilled than his NVQ in Unfounded Optimism might allow. Altitude, broken bikes, hailstorms and approaching darkness might not be everyone's idea of fun, but they're a great recipe for adventure, it just might take a day or so for Pat to remember that.

Got caught in hailstorm at 4500m last night. Found an abandoned hut and slept in there. Got pretty bad altitude sickness. Cracking on today
— Cameraman - Mr Olly

Mr Olly put together a Monkey Run playlist for everyone to enjoy. It's suitably glam with just the right balance of hair rock, and while you might forgive him for  the Tina Turner version of  Proud Mary, there's no excuse for Bryan Adams being on there.

With monkey bikes and their riders sprinkled over the mountains like cocaine over a popstar's cornflakes, the next few days will be eventful. Which is pretty much what this lot signed up to.

I’m camped on planet ‘fuck I’m tired’.
— Mechanic - Sweary Dave