Mongol Derby 2017 Closure

So. That's it. After a year of preparation, the Mongol Derby 2017 is over in just nine days of riding. Nine days seems like a very short time when you're sat on a beach or sightseeing somewhere, but by Jove, it feels like a small lifetime on a horse. After the selection of riders, the route, families, staff and of course the incredible Mongolian horses (more than 1400 of them), it seemed to us dot-watchers to be over in a flash of a mare's tail. To those in the saddle, it has forged lifetime friendships, proper physical damage, mental growth and a sense of achievement quite like no other.

They say a picture says a thousand words. That's not quite true of course, but you get the gist. Here then, are our pictorial highlights from this year's Mongol Derby. All photographs are courtesy of the fantastic eye of Julian Herbert, who was able to send them from the middle of bloody nowhere thanks to the fine folks over at AST Systems. Thank you all.

Huge congratulations to everyone involved, particularly the riders themselves, the incredible ground crew and, of course, the people of Mongolia who are generally just absolute legends in every sense of the word. We salute you. 

Until next year,

The Adventurists.