Ngalawa Cup June 2017 - The Round up

Six legendary teams embarked on the Ngalawa Cup last week. It was one of the closest races there's been to date. Now the winners have been crowned, let's have a look back at how the teams got on...


WINNERS: Mast and Furious

These three heroes dominated the race from the very beginning. Though maybe a whole barrel of rum to celebrate is overdoing it slightly. Or not. Fantastic race gentlemen, and very well deserved champions of the Cup.

We’re feeling great!
— Toby, Mast and Furious

GENTLEMAN'S AWARD: Backstreet Buoys

Seen here looking a bit out of their depth during pre-race training, but don't be fooled. They soon pulled it back and maintained a comfortable second place throughout most of the race, being hot on the heels of the leaders the whole way.

Although they were tough competition, this didn't stop them from being true gents. They woke team BQ up when they noticed their boat was drifting off, and ended up getting their dry clothes drenched helping them retrieve it. Great show chaps.


A broken yard and having to haggle for a new sail mid-race would damage lesser teams and could easily have been a major setback, but they held on like particularly needy barnacles and clung furiously to third place. Congratulations.


06.30: Hammer time!
— Brad, Team Polepole

WILLOUGHBY CUP - Hold my Beer, I think I’ve got this

This award was born when a pioneer team bought a chicken called Willoughby, which (maybe quite predictably) ended up drowning. This is the award for the most ridiculous idea. 

HB risked life and limb for the sake of a flip flop, ending up with a man overboard. They also managed to destroy four trackers. Nice one you lot.

Jon's pearls of wisdom?

"If you want to win then don't capsize 2 times in less than 2 hours!"

Makes sense.

INGENUITY: Dos Bollitos Un Quesito

Truly deserving of this award, this team snapped their yard but heroically managed to jury rig it and continue to the next checkpoint. They also managed to fix their rudder while at sea.



Alberto summed up their experience perfectly:

"So proud of my Team. We came as regular people, now they are sailors and warriors. We will never forget the people and this adventure, always in our memories, for the rest of our lives."



Hardly surprising they won this award, as veterans of the Rickshaw Run and entering the race as sailing novices, they were definitely in it for the adventure.

This team had race officer Libby biting her nails and they skimmed some fairly dodgy looking rocks (pictured left).

Not satisfied with leaving the course unfinished, they sailed another day after the race had officially ended.  Bravo chaps, bravo.

Sign up to the January race is now open. Click the link below to apply. There is no better way to start your 2018.