Week 2 on the Mongol Rally

Two weeks into the 2017 Mongol Rally. With everyday that passes, our Ralliers learn something new from the long, hard road. Lessons learnt this week include: what a Renault Kangoo looks like after being T-boned by a French van and how Turkish border guards like to play hide and seek with registration papers.

They're battered and bruised. Their vehicles are in pieces. They've torn up plans and thrown hopes and dreams into the gutter. Their fate and the road are now intertwined, and there's only one thing left for the Ralliers to do – they must keep rallying on. 

The Ugly 

Two weeks and thousands of miles have taken a toll on the 400 rust buckets making their way from London to Mongolia (and beyond). For some teams, it's all gone to shit. 

'Meat & 3 Veg' played chicken with a maintenance van in France and lost, badly. Even their ingenious approach to side impact protection (what appears to be a tyre necklace wrapped around the car) couldn't save them. The Kangoo is now more of a Kantgoo but its plucky kiwi drivers are looking for a new car to keep them going. Who knows how long that one will last? Let's hope longer than two weeks...

Meanwhile, Team Zazgar had a fight with a combine harvester and lost.

“Driving on the duel carriageway through Turkey and a combine harvester turned very last minute right across us into our lane, we slammed on the brakes but unfortunately we still hit the back of his trailer. Looks like we’ll have to back track 270 miles to Ankara to get a new windscreen...”
— Team Zazgar

Today Toucan ToKhan discovered in Turkey is not so strange to surpass a 20m truck to ask the driver to buy some hay, on a turn on a mountain road.
A motorbike who was doing this hit hard us.
Luckily nobody was hurt.
— Toucan Tokhan

The Bad

Bad is a relative term when it comes to the Mongol Rally. Generally speaking, bad means good. Disaster gives you something to talk about. Your car breaks down, you meet friendly locals and get blind drunk on local hooch. You get taken hostage by the KGB and live in captivity for ten years, you end up with shed load of content for your autobiography. That sort of thing.

The lady at the Turkish border took my motorcycle registration papers and accidentally gave them to another traveller. We’re gunna battle on anyway though. “Fuck the System” and all that.
— Team CB-250 Shitehawk

A minor disaster struck for Team Soviet Rocket when their Lada got torn a new arsehole by potholes the size of meteorite craters on Hungarian roads. 

The piece of chassis that got torn off had served them well until that point so, naturally, they decided to give it a ritual burial.

"We have blessed it on its final journey (sadly, not to Mongolia)."

They aren't the only ones who've been struggling with road conditions. Kudos to everyone who's taken the unroute and suffered the consequences. We salute you and your stupidity.     

So we woke up to find our car has been towed in Istanbul. Anyone know how to go about getting it back?
— Fraser Marriott

The Good

It hasn't all been breakdowns and lost papers. Some teams have actually managed to enjoy themselves this week. Here are the (few) success stories.


Team Taking Care of Business made it up the Transfagarasan Highway in their two Morris Minors.

A Lada made it to Bulgaria.

Team Bullseye were reunited with their V5 and are back on the road again.

This week's photo competition winner

"I'm going to need more lube".

It's only been two weeks, but team "Till the end" have developed a very close relationship with their car.

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Social Highlights - Week 2

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