The Turkmenistan Tsunami

You know Turkmenistan don't you? No? Well, you bloody well should. Turkmenistan and its famous Gates of Hell have become a firm favourite for many a Rallier on the Mongol Rally Southern unroute.

So many in fact, that this year we have a magnificent 628 people transiting through the country. We just heard directly from the Turkmenistan embassy that that's quite a few. That, in fact, is the single largest group of foreign tourists to ever be granted transit through the country. We're pretty chuffed by this.

These below are just some of the teams headed to Turkmenistan. See you at the Gates of Hell. We'll pack the cucumber sandwiches and croquet, you bring the marshmallows.



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Kudos to 2013 veterans 'The "Old Blues" Brothers' for their cracking shot of the Gates of Hell. Cheers chaps.