The Mongol Rally 2017 Elite

Next week, 340 heroic teams will assemble, many of them sporting some of the shittiest cars we’ve ever seen. Here are a few of our favourites.


Wartburger Kings

1977 was the year that as a country we started buying more foreign cars than British ones. Coincidentally that was the same year that this Wartburg came spluttering off the production line in Germany. With it’s 2-stroke, 998cc engine it was commonly nicknamed ‘farty Hans’ due to it’s high emissions. Lovely.

Kraken Molotov

This shit-hot beach buggy started it’s life as a Volkswagen Beetle. Team Kraken Molotov have spent the past few months crafting her into this beast. Sterling work chaps, fingers crossed it doesn’t rain.


Team Popemobile

This 1992 Rover Metro Chairman is one of our top choices for shit-dom. It’s a wonderfully awful 90's version of a Popemobile.

Much like it’s owner’s hair; this car is business up front, party in the back.



DDR Devils

All hail the Trabant 601. This "spark plug with a roof" represents a bygone era of East Germany and 2-stroke engines. Apparently most popular in green, as it’s thought to bring good luck. Let's see what this eye catching red and yellow paint job will bring them. Especially seeing as they’re going to need every ounce of luck they can get their grubby little mitts on.


23 BHP

Last but certainly not least, we have a real hero-mobile. Please join us in doffing our hats to the oldest car on the rally ever. Introducing the Ford Model Y. Hailing from 1937 this distinguished gent brings a much needed air of vintage style and grace to proceedings, that is, if the owners have refitted its body in time for the launch.

See these cars and a whole shedload of other glorious junk-mobiles at the Mongol Rally 2017 launch. The action kicks off from the historic Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit on the morning of 16th July. Come along and have a chuckle, then be inspired and sign up for 2018.

Sign up for the 2018 Rally is open now. The price will go up on July 18th, so if you want to adventure next year into oblivion and save a few pennies then hit the rather unsubtle button below.