Rickshaw Run January 2018 Pre-launch shenanigans

Probably nothing on the planet shouts 'Happy New Year' than adventuring yourself into a Nirvanaesque state by screaming across India in a rickshaw. We have 85 teams bravely planning on doing just that. They launched today - January 2nd. Here's what they've been up to so far.


January 1st 2018

Happy new year to our Motley crew of wandering mentalists! Last nights shindig was an epic success in true adventuring spirit. 2018 kicks off with a little recovery from the pre-game festivities, a last question and answers session and then a brief nap before our teams are crow barred into their ignoble steeds and pushed off into the jungles and side streets of Jaisalmer.

Last nights party was biblical in the sense of Sodom and Gomorrah, resulting in the loss of several team members, some property and all sense of propriety. New years was seen in with the greatest of style and to the thunderous detonation of masses of irresponsible pyrotechnics. 

My roommate was returned to me by a local in the early hours after showing him a picture of a cow in a street in the fort
— Nick

For the survivors of last nights festivities today is heralded as the last day to become accustomed with the bizarre form of transport which has been thrust upon you. There was also distractions for the overly cocksure of the adventurers in the form of the traditional cricket match. Played against the locals. By some miracle, in the form of Aussies, some semblance of respect was gained through a rare victory.

When the boundary is marked by Rickshaws and the umpire doesn't speak your language you know your in for a good game. Mr Morgan of the Barefoot Builders batting for the away side.

When the boundary is marked by Rickshaws and the umpire doesn't speak your language you know your in for a good game. Mr Morgan of the Barefoot Builders batting for the away side.

Our teams have been given a day or two to get acclimatised, familiarise themselves with their weapons of choice and catch at least a beginner level of dysentary.

There was of course amble time to figure out the twist and go technicalities of the complicated equipment. Teams were allowed supervised circuits of the compound in their steeds before being released on an unsuspecting public.

After the adventures of actually reach the destination via train, plane, cow or magical carpet our chaos enthused and life-loving fantasists are "ready" for the off. Realising they have packed way too many pairs of trousers and not enough underpants they have already started collecting souvenir soapstone camel sculptures and learning valuable life lessons like how to break into your own hotel or luggage.

Found out that in India if you purchase a train ticket, you may not have actually purchased a ticket. Took a 22 hour train ride as stowaways with no food or water
— Jacob and crew

This being India and this being the Adventurists, nothing is done in half measures and everyone is hit full in the face or bowels with the reality of cultural exploration to totally overwhelm the senses. From this point on the gloves are off and the safety net is unceremoniously wrenched out from under your feet.

So with all that in mind, we wish you the best as the dawn breaks over a new year and a new adventure. May the gods of mayhem bless 2018 with much chaos and back alley misunderstandings.

Reminder to all that the photo competition will be running for the rewards of chilled beer at the finish line party, or tepid at least.

Congratulations once again to the Adventurist's team for winning the cricket match against the Locals, well played.


Good luck and go get lost you gorgeous creatures.

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If all this has made you realise that your life needs some spicing up, then you can sign up for future Rickshaw Runs HERE.

Wordage by Dane Henson