South African Icarus X imminent

The Icarus X continues its rampant spread around like globe faster than bubonic plague at a sneezing competition. Not content with already holding X Series events in the UK, Australia and the USA, there's a new, cheeky kid on the block. Here comes the Icarus X South Africa. Hot on the heels of it's bigger, harder, and far more deranged parent the mighty Icarus Trophy proper, the Icarus X South Africa is going to absolutely fucking wonderful.

What better way to prepare for the main event next July than by getting in some practice in the very same environment. You'll be a dab hand at dodging rhinos by then. What's more, if you win an Icarus X race, you win not only shedloads of glory but also a free spot on the main Trophy.

dotty black.jpg

You probably want to see some pictures don't you? Okay. Well it'll likely look something like this. You might want to have some spare underwear nearby before looking at these though. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Details are still being chewed up before we spit them out at you, as the dart of greatness was only lobbed at the map a couple of days ago, but here's what we do know.

The dates

30th March - 1st April will be the main event, with an optional 3 days of specialist cross country training beforehand.

The place

South Africa. Launching from the rather nice Zulu Nyala Lodge

I want in

Of course you do, it's going to be chuffing brilliant. But you'll have to temper that excitement for the time being. Maybe try sitting on some ice cubes or taking a long, cold shower. Sign up will be opening very soon.

May we suggest that for now, you block those dates off on your calendar, google how to get down from a giraffe and get some flying practice in.

Toodle Pip.