One million pounds for Cool Earth

Since The Adventurists began wreaking havoc on the world, our teams have raised millions of quid for charity. On top of this, we've just hit the £1 million mark for our favourite bunch of forest fondlers - Cool Earth. Here Mr Tom shares some of his favourite figures...

But why would we give a flying fuck about all that, aren't we only designed for chaos?

The thing is, despite all our stupidity we like this planet we currently call home. We like getting lost in deserts, and up mountains and we fucking love getting lost in jungles. There's nothing quite like pulling leeches ballooned with adventurous blood from your socks and nether regions. 

Proper old school exploration simply doesn't work without these places. You're going to really struggle to enjoy yourself adventuring around an industrial estate on the outskirts of Bracknell. 

What's more, you will have a ruddy good time getting lost.

By hurling yourselves haphazardly into uncharted territories, by approaching the unknown with a grin on your face, by pushing your marvellously idiotic selves to the extent of your tolerance and then giving it a swift middle finger and carrying on regardless, you have proved that there is a lot of world out there ready to have a whole load of 'fuck yes' scrawled on it with the permanent marker of adventure.

Across forty nine adventures you’ve used rickshaws, monkey bikes, horses, small cars, shit cars, Urals, mango trees and have even flown in the air, like slightly shit versions of Superman. By driving, riding, sailing, flying, skidding, crashing and potholing your way across the planet, you brave, foolhardy and stubbornly intrepid five and a half thousand people that have been a part of this in the last four years have managed to notch up stats more impressive than Julio Iglesias's shredded bedposts.

You've protected more than 4 million trees, locked in 4.33 million tonnes of Co2, and have supported nearly 3000 indigenous people in some of the coolest areas on the planet, in Peru, the Congo and Papua New Guinea. So what does that equate to in what is known as the 'real' world?

That offsets the CO2 produced...

  • By driving a car more than 10.5 billion miles

  • By nearly 1 million cars being driven for one year

  • Or if we ran an entire Mongol Rally to Jupiter and back

  • Or if we drove 40 thousand cars to the moon

  • Or burned nearly half a billion gallons of petrol

That - right there - is a bloody great start. Hefty pats on the back all around.

A special mention should go to George Gray and Richard Williams from Rickshaw Run January 2018 team 'Les Escargots' who were the team to push us over the million mark. Not only this, but they've already smashed their fundraising goal of £2000. Hats off chaps.

We look forward to the next million, and the one after that, and all the ones that will follow.


Onwards, upwards, and ever more stupiderer.