A decade of environmental do-gooding

10 years of kissing trees, but who gives a shit? Well actually, we do. The tree and nature saving ninjas who are our partner charity, aptly called Cool Earth, have been doing all they can to shove a particularly hefty boot up the arse of rainforest deforestation for a staggering ten years. That's why we at The Adventurists decided to team up with them some four years ago.

Since then you cheeky wanderlust-filled denizens of the planet have unwittingly, or not, been doing a damned great deal of good to the world whilst adventuring off-grid. Cool Earth have turned your donations into hundreds of thousands of acres of dense jungle, un-extinct wildlife and vibrant indigenous communities, all of which were doomed to become greying photos and wildlife documentaries on VHS. 

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Unfortunately, you can’t tweet climate change out of existence and pretending it isn’t an issue just leaves us looking like an ageing politician. The sad truth is we are dangerously close to losing the awesomeness that is the untamed wild of our jungles and rainforests and turning it into a Costco car park, which is shit.

So if you would care to toss your Panama hat skywards in appreciation of these most excellent of tree huggers, then we will applaud not just their efforts but also their outstanding results. So just how cool are Cool Earth? Well, let’s have a look at some facts and figures.

If you thought Winnie the Pooh was excited about the Hundred Acre Woods, then how about this: Cool Earth have saved almost a million acres of rainforest, 901,679 to be precise. To put that into perspective that is enough space to fit, Malta, the Maldives, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Bahrain and the Seychelles into whilst still leaving enough room to comfortably slide Bristol in for good measure. That is officially a fucktonne of trees.

For the green jackets among you that is a carbon offset of 234.5 million tonnes of Co2, which should have you breathing easier already.

Ten years ago, we decided that no matter how bad things got, it wasn’t all over for the rainforest; we just needed to put local people in charge. It was a simple idea, but at the time, quite radical.
— Matthew Owen - Director, Cool Earth

So just how much have you and your fellow Adventurists contributed to this? Massively. You, mighty adventurers, have raised almost a million pounds for Cool Earth alone, an incredible feat which will be achieved in a matter of days. You can give yourself a sound pat on the back to the tune of almost 4 million trees saved.

For the past four years, The Adventurists have been at the heart of Cool Earth’s work, thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Matthew Owen - Director, Cool Earth

The Mongol Rally alone raised nearly £110,000 for Cool Earth in 2017, which is down to you boys and girls and should make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside because it does us.

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Our reason behind choosing Cool Earth as our primary charity is that we feel if you are going to enjoy the planet as much as we know you do, then we should all give back a little to maintaining the awesome wilderness out of which adventure is born.

Failing to protect those beautiful blank spots on the map will leave us all endlessly trekking around McDonald's pretending to be lost, rather than gazing serenely across the desert from your rickshaw or trudging across the frozen tundra. The jungles and rainforest reek of adventure and daring challenges, this is what we love, this is what your Instagram feed needs.

So have a watch of this awesome video and see how far 10 years of hard work has brought Cool Earth and the communities they're working with.

Cool Earth, like The Adventurists, are an organisation that likes to do things a little differently. They work by involving the indigenous populations, helping them create zones of protection which act as barriers to save bigger areas of natural habitat from the evil machinations of large corporations and other Bond villains.

Now, thanks to the support of a bunch of loons with an appetite for risk, Cool Earth is protecting over 900,000 acres of rainforest.
— Matthew Owen - Director, Cool Earth

Working with the indigenous communities improves the lives of people on the ground by aiding, amongst other things, education and healthcare. Self-supporting communities are able to avoid poverty and hardship that are the cause of the land being raped and pillaged for the profit of big business.

It also avoids the pretentiousness of trying to tell somebody how to run their own back garden when they have been living in it for millennia. Building chicken and fish farms to help feed local communities takes pressure off of the rainforest food supply and allows natural biodiversity to continue its natural course.

Sharing some modern conservation techniques with the tribal communities allows them to monitor and conserve endangered wildlife, protecting their ecosystems and your world from the ground up.

If you don't believe us, then listen to this Knightly fellow.

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So in conclusion, while you have been pratting about exploring the globe and having bizarre adventures at the risk and life and limb, you have also been making the world a better place. Bravo indeed on helping keep adventure and the blank spots on the map safe for another generation of brave fools to get lost in.

Hats off, Cool Earth. Here's to the next ten years.


Words by Dane Henson