Rickshaw Run in Pictures - Team Daje

There can be few finer things in life more special than joining two of your mates to cross 2500km of the most glorious of countries by the most inglorious machine. Not only will your friendship be tested like a Flat-earther visiting NASA, but by the end, you'll be so slack-jawed from the scenery you'll be picking bugs from your teeth for months.

Team Daje from the August 2017 Run took on exactly that sort of inadvisable odyssey. Not only did they complete it in fine style, they also managed to take some of the best Rickshaw Run photos we've ever come across. Bravo chaps, bravo indeed.

All images Federico Romanello

The Rickshaw Runs of 2018 are all sold out having been more popular than hand-sanitizer in a sewage treatment works, but fear not. The January 2019 Run is on sale, your chance to roll across India in a vehicle barely capable of running to the shops. If spending the New Year in the company of 300 like-minded fools dodging potholes and Delhi-Belly sounds like your idea of a party, you should probably sign up sharpish. The January Run is the most popular and usually sells out like hot chapattis.

Cochin, Kerala - Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

30th Dec 2018 - 15th Jan 2019