Pie Wars: The 2016 Cool Earth Draw

This year we found next to no canopy loss across every single one of our partnerships – a sure sign that your support is making a real difference.
— Cool Earth

The time has come for the annual Cool Earth competition and the winner has been decided. 

Every year, Adventurist Teams that fundraise over £1000 for Cool Earth get entered into their annual prize draw to go to Peru. The lucky team will get to meet the people and see the trees their cash has helped.

2016 has been an outstanding year for Cool Earth. From helping to set up fish farms, installing tippy taps to reduce to spread of preventable diseases, running maternal health workshops to create strong families and training biodiversity monitors - the work they do is enormously varied and quantifiably effective.  

We were assessed this year by Giving What We Can, a leading charity advisor, who found us to be more cost effective than any other charity working on Climate Change.
— Cool Earth

An effective charity doing incredible work - some of which is made possible by the fundraising efforts of Adventurists Teams. 

A massive thanks from us at Adventurists HQ to all the teams on 2016 Adventures. And those of you who raised over £1000 here's the video you've been waiting for. Keep an eye out for your name:

If you're just meeting Cool Earth or would like a refresher, here's what they got up to last year.

Together we’ll save a million acres in 2017.
— Cool Earth