Rickshaw Run January 2017 - The Rolling News

We've got 87 Rickshaws driving from Kochin in South India to Jaisalmer in North India. That's around 3000 kms. Here's the latest on their progress:

Welcome, fair reader. You must be here to catch up on the January 2017 Rickshaw Run. A fine choice. You are now roughly halfway through. 

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8th January

This is a fantastic sentence:

We just got valet parking with our rickshaws.
— Bart - Team Holy Cows

Topped perhaps only by this one:

Same here. It stalled and broke down.
— Alexei - Curry in a Hurry

Those poor valets. 

8th January

Let's have some photos. Here's a round up of Day 7:

8th January

Who do I talk to about a partial refund? I was told 7hp of raw fury. I’m only getting 5.5.
— Jonathan, Keep Calm and Curry On

Congratulations, you must have one of the good ones. 

8th January

Dan from Tyrickshawrus Rex is a big fan of the sunset photos. 

He does it rather well too, as they go. Our only question is if this is a case of missing teammates or three one-man teams. 

7th January

This is our favourite story of the Run so far: 

I gave my adventurist id to the hotel reception as my passport. No questions asked.
— Dhruv, Strawberry Seahorses

That's not even their only close call: 

We just ran out of gas right in front of two cops trying to get a bribe. Super awkward.
— Dhruv, Strawberry Seahorses

Cracking stuff.

7th January

This is a "high speed hat rescue" apparently. 

Since they only sent a pre-rescue still, it's probably safe to assume they missed.

7th January

It's about time for this to come up again:

Google maps is shit.
— Warick, team Laurick

We warn you everytime. 

7th January

Alex left his drivers license at our shack in Arambol, we don’t need that right?
— Curry in a Hurry

It's probably fine. 

7th January

It's happened. No better way of commemorating the Run than with a permanent souvenir: 

The proud owner? April from Burgers, Bangers and Biltong.

7th January

An age old story:

Truckdriver ignored the rules of the highway and stopped for a dog. Cheese rickshaw wasn’t expecting this and had to break into the ditch. No major damage or injuries but the break fluid container broke away...
— St Gall Unicorns

6th January

No pictures yet of the Goa party - but we can bring you these morning after gems:

Well done HQ, very nice party
— Mike, Wave of Destiny
Did anyone find a wallet last night?
— James, What the Tuck
Ouch! I fell in a drain last night.
— Lauren, Team Laurick
If anyone got more injured than I did last night, I’ll buy them a beer.
— Gareth, Ducky Bollinger
 Gareth's evidence - gauntlet down

Gareth's evidence - gauntlet down

For the folks who went swimming and helped walk a drunken local around: does anyone have my purple dress?
— Mohit - Team Singing in the Rain
So apparently I walked home with two right foot Haviannas. The one on my left foot is clearly a girls. Anyone want to swap back?
— Cameron, The Screaming Eagles

Sounds like quite a party. Probably an ok thing we didn't get any pictures then:

Congratulations to all on the party last night. We really brought it. Has anyone found an Orange Sony Experia in a black case?
— Jack, Banyo

6th January

Not been the best start for Curry on Driving the morning after:

Big summer blow-out for Curry On Driving. 10p sized hole in the piston.
— Josh, Curry on Driving

That's not their only problem.

The mechanics have dismantled it and run off wth the parts.
— Josh, Curry on Driving

Er..... Hang in there? 

5th January

It's Day 4. That means the not-quite-midway party in Goa. 

This party is way too close to a tattoo parlor...
— Robert, Stawberry Seahorses

Pure coincidence. Probably. 

4th January

On a budget, sorry.
— Oceans' Fourteen


4th January

A few shots from Day 3: 

4th January

We have 2 Ricks, one has broken down twice, the other once, each time thankfully only for 2 hours at a time.
— Kyle - Team Wanbulance

As long as they're co-ordinating to be as inconvenient as possible. That's nice of them.

It's not all breakdowns: 

Pubali performing like a champ. Took her off roading a bit and managed to break our 4th electronic on the trip.
— Curry in a Hurry

Nice. We'll count that one as a win our end then. 

3rd January

Nothing like the Run to bring up those simmering family tensions: 

My brother just walked off. Yep.
— Jonathan, Keep Calm and Curry On

It's like Christmas all over again eh? 

3rd January

Photo time. Here's a round up of Day 2:

Keep up the good work Teams. 

3rd January

We’ve gotten the rickshaw stuck in the sand, run off the road by giant Indian busses of death, hit by 2 other scooters, & felt completely & utterly lost driving in the dark...this is the stupidest, wildest, and craziest but best thing we’ve ever done!
— Eric, From Lambs to Lions

And we're only on Day 2. We'll ask him again in two weeks. 

3rd January

Spotted by Robin of Faithfully Bobbin' II:

But what are they?
— Robin

An excellent question, Robin. 

3rd January

A pair of oncoming busses does not leave a lot of wriggle room.
— Henry, Team Izumi

Wise man here. 

3rd January

It's only day 2 but Runners are already giving each other advice:

Note to all (but mainly self) don’t leave petrol cap at petrol station.
— Robin, Faithfully Bobbin II
Don’t forget to turn key on before trying to start.
— Dominic

Good batch this year. 

2nd January

A few more for your consideration: 

And a video to round off the day:

2nd January

Here are the best of the images from Day 1 on the Road:

2nd January

New Year’s Resoluion - “don’t drive at night during Rickshaw Run, just broken on Day 1.”
— Roberto, Wave of Destiny

Start as you mean to go on eh? 

2nd January

Sounds like it's going well: 

Prostate cancer UK towed Seeing is Believing 20kms today... Crazy first day.
— Team Prostate Cancer UK

2nd January

The first Roll is in. The honour goes to Guaritoteam 1:


2nd January 2017

And they're off.

What is apparently chaotic behind the scenes, creates the appearance of calm order from outside. Swan like.

Compare the Teams Leaving the Compound from @ThreeLoneWolves with the other from our event team: 

1st January

Will of Ganesha Karma crashed into the back of a bus 10 minutes off the ferry.
— Jonathan of Ganesha Karma

Nothing like naming and shaming your teammates eh Jon? Even better is the conclusion:

Left a big dent in the back of bus.
— Jonathan of Ganesha Karma

That we do find a bit far fetched. 

January 1st 2017

Some more of the best shots so far from New Years Day. 

1st January 2017

For the first time ever, our runners were invited to the New Year's Day parade in Kochi. Probably quite a good introduction to the pace they'll be keeping. 

The Video? From the fine chaps @ThreeLoneWolves. This is their chosen description: 

Follow Nate, Bill and Danner racing an auto-rickshaw across India - eating dosas, breaking down, and probably shitting their brains out.

Quite a good summary of what to expect. Bravo chaps. Keep up the good work. 

January 1st

As meetings go....

Me and Jess actually met when I sold her an out of date sandwich when I was working in sainsburies.
— Unknown Rickshaw Run couple

1st January 2017

We were greeted this morning by these:

Let’s call this party a sausage, cuz it’s a fuckin banger ha!
— Jack - Team Banyo
Anyone seen Alexei? Drunk in an elephant pattern shirt.
— Jeff - Team It Us!
I had a dragonfly hat made of tin cans stolen.
— Mark, Cyber Terrier

Sounds like a decent New Year's party then. 

1st Januaury

Ah yes, that's our resident mechanic Mr Rich:

Rich showing us how to negociate the cost of running repairs down.
— David, Driving Ms Stacey

Er...yup. That is definitely the caption we were expecting on this photo. 

January 1st

The finest from behind the scenes over the launch weekend:

The Rickshaw Run is launched. Follow the breakdowns on The Adventurists Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.