Ngalawa Cup January 2017 - The Rolling News

We've got seven brave teams vying to claim the Ngalawa Cup this January. To win, they'll have to sail from the northernmost point of Zanzibar Island down to Kilwa Kisikani on the Tanzanian shore. The race is divided into stages - the team that reaches each checkpoint first is the winner. The times are logged, and the cumulative fastest team across all the stages will claim the prize.  

They'll have sailed 500 nautical miles in the next seven days, using only a local fishing boat to get there. Get updates on their progress here: 

It's official. The Ngalawa Cup has been awarded. The title goes to Team BAYASGALANT.

Here's the final leaderboard:

1. BAYASGALANT 56:48:53
2. The Devil's Own 58:34:04
3. Pappa Chambo 62:47:59
4. Knotty Ngalawas 63:38:53
5. Gimme Dat Booty 65:06:02
6. CiunCianiou 69:51:56

7th January

The Race is over. All teams are over the finish line - and the final leaderboard is being calculated. Congratulations to all. 

We've even got photo evidence. Here's the race into the finish between teams Knotty Ngalawas and CiunCianciou. That was won by the Italians by a few metres. 

7th January

It's the last day of the January Ngalawa Cup and yesterday evening was a dramatic one.  



The Devil's Own, made it all the way to Rukyira Spit at the end of Day 7 before snapping their boom. Disaster for a team only a few hours from the finish. Until then, they were safely in the lead.  

They decided walk their boat round to the finish line - after the course had closed. Movement after the nightfall is forbidden and, crucially for the leaderboard, penalty governed. Their their late-night push might just pull them from first place. They made it to the finish line just before midnight. 

Gimme Dat Booty and Pappa Chambo made it to Rukyira Spit several hours after The Devil's Own. Entirely separately, they too engaged in a little late-night boat moving activity and both teams will incur penalties for doing so. 

The takers of the cup will be the team with the lowest cumulative sailing times. With this many penalties so late in the Race the final Leaderboard could bring a shock. 

It'll be a tense final day. It's a nice sunrise though: 

6th January

Photos fresh from Tanzania. This is what you're missing:

Applications for July are open:

6th January

PapaChambo, Gimme Dat Booty and CiunCianciou hit the water early this morning - all around 6.30. That's a full two hours before the team behind them BAYASGALANT. The Devil's Own were off at just after 9am and Knotty Ngalawas 30 minutes after that. From Checkpoint 5, the teams have an uninteruppted sail to the finish. We're expecting quite the race within a race. 

5th January

Day 6 on the Race passed remarkably without incident. An outstanding day's sail from all six remaining teams. 

But it's not about participation. Let's talk leaderboards: 

Race Day 6: Sailing between Checkpoint 4 and 5

  1. Ciuncianciou - 4:21:00 
  2. JOINT - Knotty Ngalawas and BAYASGALANT - 4:22:00
  3. The Devil's Own - 4:33:00
  4. Papa Chambo 4:42:50
  5. Gimme Dat Booty - 4:58:00                        

That puts the overall leaderboard like this: 

  1. The Devil's Own - 39:19:19 
  2. BAYASGALANT 45:19:53 
  3. Knotty Ngalawas - 48:12:19
  4. Papa Chambo - 48:40:15
  5. Gimme Dat Booty - 50:48:08
  6. CiunCianCiou - 52:50:59

At the close of the day, the map looks like this. From here, it's a free sail to the finish line: 

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 01.05.02.png

All our sailors are fitted with GPS devices, so you can follow the teams progress live. 

5th January

Alex from Gimme Dat Booty has been chronicling his travels. He makes it look easy:  

4th January 17.05pm

A quiet day on the Rolling News front, but that's because the sailing was excellent. All teams were in by 15.52.

Here are the standings at the close of Day 5:

  1. The Devils Own - 4:43:41 (Koma) 
  2. BAYASGALANT - 5:59:06 (Kwale)
  3. Knotty Ngalawas - 6:59:04 (Kwale)
  4. Gimme Dat Booty - 7:23:12 (Kwale)
  5. Papachambo - 7:43:30 (N.Fanjove)
  6. CiunCianciou - 7:47:32 (N.Fanjove)  

What does that mean? With these times added to the previous checkpoints, that leaves the total leaderboard looking like this: 

  1. The Devils Own - 34.46 hrs
  2. BAYASGALANT - 40.57 hrs
  3. Knotty Ngalawas - 43.50 hrs
  4. Papachambo - 43.57 hrs
  5. Gimme Dat Booty - 45.50 hrs
  6. CiunCianciou - 48.29 hrs

At the moment, it looks like the Cup is The Devil's Own to lose. But with four more days to go - that could all change. 

Bravo all. 

4th January, 06.30am

A mixed start this morning. BAYASGALANT had to fit the spare mast and Knotty Ngalawas had to do some sail repairs. Not a good start for Papachambo this morning either - their bags got stolen overnight. Champs that they are - they were still third to hit the water. 

3rd January, 4.25pm

A rough evening for Team BAYASGALANT - they capsized only 0.3nm off Kwale, their nighttime destination. Not an easy rescue - their mast got stuck in the mud. 

3rd January 2017, 2.54pm

It's not all bad news today: 

We just went past Gimme Dat Booty. All ok. Happy and Smiling.
— Louis, Race Crew

Good stuff. 

3rd January 2017, 10.00am

Oh dear, Kipepeo proving as much of a challenge as expected. Armed with a briefing from the race team, our sailors took to the water bright and early - and almost immediately ran into trouble getting out of the bay. 

First to receive a tow was CiunCianciou, who rumour has it are struggling to keep moral up and are on the verge of giving up. This is a tough race. After a waver in confidence, they're staying in - with a change of sail. Bravo. 

They can't take comfort that they're not the only ones struggling - Papachambo also got swamped first thing, and received a tow back to shore and BAYASGALANT called in the Race Support. 

It sounds like no-one much enjoyed the mornings sailing. Here's hoping for a better afternoon. 

3rd January 2017, 6.41am

It's Day 3 and we bring you news of Breaking Wind

Clinton, bearer of an injured wrist since Day 1, is calling time on his race. He's flying out.

In his wake, he leaves former teammate Ryan, who has been suffering with a combination of seasickness and heatstroke and borrowed teammate Dylan, originally from BAYASGALANT.

Ryan's teamed up with The Devil's Own. A particularly canny move by the sickly sailor, as they are currently in the lead.  Meanwhile Dylan joins the Canadian chaps of Gimme Dat Booty. Perhaps he'll be able to help them out of last place. 

2nd January 2017, 4.50pm

It's pretty tough to get a signal out of Tanzania. Especially in the middle of the ocean. Getting photos out can be more tricky. When they come through during the race, they are worth waiting for:

2nd January 2017, 3.51pm

An update for fans of Team Breaking Wind. Ryan has been assessed and medically cleared to continue. Although he's probably not feeling that well. He'll have to decide if he's feeling up for continuing the race. 

2nd January 2017, 11.18am

Not good news for fans of Team Breaking Wind. Ryan has been felled again with suspected combination of heatstroke and seasickness. With teammate Clinton's injured wrist that leaves only Dylan, borrowed from BAYASGALANT to man the boat which isn't really possible. 

Breaking Wind are receiving a tow to Kipepeo. 

2nd January 2017, 10.03am

Now seems a good moment for a cumulative leaderboard. Have one here: 

  1. The Devil's Own - 14:42:39
  2. BAYASGALANT - 18:38:05
  3. Breaking Wind - 19:33:02
  4. Knotty Ngalawas - 19:33:29
  5. Papachambo - 19:43:27
  6. CuinCianciou - 21:20:51
  7. Gimme Dat Booty - 21:41:12

Also, if you're the leaderboard type, you might like the one from yesterday's sailing only:

  1. The Devils Own - 06.08 hrs
  2. Breaking Wind - 09.25 hrs
  3. BAYASGALANT - 10.05 hrs
  4. Knotty Ngalawas - 10.34hrs
  5. Papachambo - 10.49hrs
  6. Gimme Dat Booty - 11.53hrs
  7. CiunCianciou - 12.08 hrs

Knotty Ngalawas and BAYASGALANT both received a 1 hour penalty for failing to make the checkpoint. Even with that, they aren't at the bottom. Pity the folks aboard CiunCianciou. 

2nd January 2017 - 9.18pm

The Devil's Own are having a bit of trouble this morning - and are currently lagging whilst they complete minor repairs. 

All the other boats are on the water already - the first being CiunCianciou at a snappy 6.48am. 

1st January 2017 - 21.51pm

The course is closed and all teams are in for the night. BAYASGALANT and Knotty Ngalawas  have camped down on the nearest island. All other teams made it to the second checkpoint. 

They've all been advised by the Race team to get an early start tomorrow.

1st January 2017 - 6.35pm

As darkness begins to fall, several teams have a way to go before they catch up to the frontrunners coming into the Kizimkazi checkpoint on the southern tip of the island. Cutting it close are teams: Gimme Dat Booty, Bayas Galant, Ciucianciou and Breaking Wind.

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 15.35.57.png

Want fresher news? Find out where the teams are live on The Adventurists tracking map. Every team is kitted up with GPS trackers that update to our map every 10 minutes. 

January 1st 2017 - 1.28pm

The teams have spit into two distinct packs as they approach Menai Bay off the coast of Zanzibar.  That's Ciucianciou, Knotty Ngalawas and BAYSGALANT in the lead on the right. Chasing them, Gimme Dat Booty, Pappa Chambo, The Devils Own and Breaking Wind

'current boat clusters' from Libby.jpg

Would a refresher course be helpful? Remind yourself who we're talking about: 

January 1st 2017 12.04 pm

Dylan from BAYASGALANT has joined Ryan and Clinton from Breaking Wind in a new hybrid team as teammate Clinton is not on top form. Firm friendships formed at sea.

Long Live (the unoffical) team Breaking GALANT. 

January 1st 2017 - 11.04am

Too tired to party. Tomorrow?
— A team that shall remain nameless to protect their reputations.

Alas, dear team, that's not how time works. Happy New Year to you too. 

1st January 2017 - 6.49am

Breaking wind are the first team on the beach this morning - but it looks like they have work to do on their boat, and some decisions to make. Is Ryan recovered after yesterdays bout of heatstroke? Will Clinton continue with his sprained wrist?  

It'll be a leisurely departure today - but hopefully not too sluggish. Teams not on the water by 10am will recieve a penalty at the end of the day. 

December 31st 2016

The Leaderboard: 

  1. BAYSGALANT - 08.33 hrs
  2. The Devils Own - 08.34 hrs
  3. Pappa Chambo - 08.54 hrs
  4. Knotty Ngalawas - 08.59 hrs
  5. Ciucianciou - 09.12 hrs
  6. Gimme Dat Booty - 09.48 hrs
  7. Breaking Wind - 10.07 hrs

Today's tows have been exempted from the standings due to the exceptional circumstances that warrented them. 

31st December 2016 - 5.18pm

At the close of the training day, here's Gimme Dat Booty and one of the Race Support boats coming into land for the night. They had a rough day - bailing the boat twice, not quite managing they received a tow into land.

Nightime on training day 1.jpg

31st December 2016 - 5.00pm

After a tough first day in training - Clinton of Team Breaking Wind has sprained his wrist. Initially confident that he could power through it he's considering pulling out. If he does, Teammate Ryan will be faced with a choice: join another team, hire a local skipper or pull out. As he's still recovering from his earlier bout of illness, it'll likely be a tough call to make. 

Here's Clinton on the left, reclining as teammate Ryan recovers from heatstroke, and on the right Ryan as they battle with a somewhat sunken ship.  

31st December 2016 - 5.03 pm

Gimme Dat Booty on the water. They capsized today, but were able to right themselves with the pontoons supplied to every boat: 

BW - from Louis.jpg

31st December 2016 - 3.40 pm

The Ngalawa is a tough boat to command, and on their first day on the water teams are improving - but not as well as hoped. The destination: Stone Town by 5.30pm, but with very gentle winds that refuse to pick up and sunset fast approaching at 6.40 - plans are adapted. Teams will get as far as they can, some will be given alternative destinations to reconvene with their fellows on land and some may need to finish their training sail with a tow to land as the darkness falls. 

31st December 2016 - 12.59 pm

Alas, the day has not progressed well for Team Breaking Wind: they called in the Race Support boats after teammember Ryan was taken ill. 

Just a spot of dehydration. Brought on by severe vomiting. But Ryan has decided to push through and rejoin Clinton on his boat. 

31st December 2016 - 10.42 am

Breaking Wind is the only boat inside the islands, hugging the coast. 

Here's the analysis from Race Officer Libby: 

A cunning move? The wind is meant to swing round as the day goes on. This might push them out into the channel at the southern timp of Tumbatu so they can take the lead... and break wind? Tide possibly too low to make the headland now, so heading for the deep water channel further south.
— Libby

Wondering who could be brave enough to take this on? Meet the sailors: